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Jobs in Canada

2021 List of Canada’s Top 10 Jobs in-demand

Published on : January 30, 2021


Every year Canada releases a list of the most in-demand occupations in the country. This is a strong resource for domestic as well as international job seekers to target and apply for the right jobs in the country.

The pandemic caused one of the biggest recessions in the Global Economy in 2020. Developed nations like the US, Canada, UK and other countries are trying to bounce back to normalcy by stabilizing the job markets and making more opportunities available for the right candidates. 

Immigrant skilled workers are one of the top contributing reasons to the flourishing economy in Canada. It is very important to Canada’s annual financial plan that immigration runs smoothly, hence the abundant opportunities and benefits.  This year’s ‘ Jobs in-demand’ list was released on 30th January in the evening. 

Here’s the list of the top 10 jobs in-demand in Canada:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Driver
  • Registered nurse
  • General labourer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Software developer
  • Accountant
  • HR manager
  • Financial advisor
  • Tech Specialist

Canada’s economy is booming with new job opportunities every day. To make the best of this opportunity, applicants usually choose the Express Entry Pathway to speed up the process. 

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