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Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy: 10,000 H-1B To Get 3-Year Open Work Permit

Published on : June 28, 2023

Canada has made a big announcement that will benefit US H-1B visa holders as well as their families.

On June 27, 2023, the federal Government of Canada launched the first-ever Tech Talent Strategy. The new approach for bringing in and retaining global talent was unveiled by Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) Sean Fraser.

The Canadian immigration minister made the announcement at Collision 2023, a tech conference underway at Enercare Centre at Toronto from June 26-29, 2023.

According to the official IRCC News Release, “Canada’s high-growth industries will provide the jobs of the future, and companies need access to top talent that will fuel innovation, and drive emerging technologies forward.”

What is Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy?

The new approach is aimed at helping Canadian businesses thrive in an ever-competitive global market. Under the new Tech Talent Strategy, Canada has come up with various ways to attract global talent.      

Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy 2023  

Announced on: Tuesday, June 27, 2023



Applicable from


● Creation of Canadian Open Work Permit stream for H-1B specialty occupation visa holders

● Open Work Permits for up to 3 years in duration, can work for any employer anywhere in Canada.

● Dependents can join on temporary resident visas.

● Canada Study Permit or Canada Work Permit options for H-1B visa holder’s accompanying family members

● 10,000 principal applicants to benefit

● To remain in effect for 1 year or until cap of 10,000 reached

The new work permits for H-1B visa holders will be available from July 16, 2023.

Express Entry

Creation of a STEM-based draw under the newly-announced category-based selection criteria


Innovation Stream

To be developed under the International Mobility Program to attract high-skilled foreign workers.

● Employer-Specific Work Permits for up to 5 years, for company identified by the Canadian Government as contributing to industrial innovation goals

● Open Work Permits for up to 5 years for high-skilled workers in specific in-demand occupations

Expected to be launched by end-2023.

Global Skills Strategy (GSS)

A return to the 14-day service standard for work permits under GSS.


Start- Up Visa (SUV) Program

● More visa spaces in 2023, with further increases in 2024 & 2025

● Can apply for a 3-year work permit, instead of existing 1 year

● Can apply for Open Work Permit, instead of existing permit that limits them to work only for their own start-up

● 3-year Open Work Permit available for every member of entrepreneurial team, instead of existing limitation to only those essential and urgently needed in Canada

● Priority to be given to those supported by - (1) venture capitals, (2) angel investor groups, (3) business incubators that have capital committed.

● Priority also to be given to those supported by business incubators that are members of Canada’s Tech Network.

Changes in the work permit option as well as the application prioritization plan to be in place later this year.

Promotion of Canada as a destination for digital nomads.

Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy will ensure that -

  1. In-demand jobs in the Canadian labour market are filled today, and
  2. Skills and business talent can be attracted that will create jobs of tomorrow.

Canada is emerging as a top destination for global skilled talent. According to Minister Fraser, “With Canada’s first-ever immigration Tech Talent Strategy, we’re targeting newcomers that can help enshrine Canada as a world leader in a variety of emerging technologies.”

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