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USA H-1B Visa

H-1B Visa Restrictions Scrapped by US Court

Published on : December 3, 2020

Key Highlights:

  • Proposed Changes to H-1B Visa Rules
  • What the Judge Had to Say
  • Result of This Judgement
  • Standard Operating Procedure
  • Good News for Indians

The H-1B visa restrictions put forward by Trump are now scrapped by US court. This is good news for the Indians and American IT companies.

The proposed changes to the H-1B visa put up earlier this year by US President Donald Trump have been struck down by a US district court.

What the Judge had to Say

The Judge ruled that:

  • Trump has no good reasons to bypass and ‘fast-track’ changes to the standard rules.

Result of This Judgement

  • The change in the eligibility criteria will not come into effect on 7th December.
  • The wage hike that came into play on 8th October will also no longer apply.

However, it does not directly mean that the court objects to new rules. The court objected to the fast-track executive order passed by the president without public comment

Standard Operating Procedure

Standard procedure involves inviting suggestions from the concerned persons preparatory to releasing a fresh draft. This process can take months and several rounds of talks before implementing new rules.

Good News for Indians

India makes up for the bulk of the H-1B visa issues. The doors are now open for Indians to conveniently renew their visas. It is also simpler now for aspiring Indians to get a job in the US.

It is especially important for those working in Indian IT companies. While these companies did not foresee short-term challenges by the new rules, they, however, agreed that the change in rules may prove to be an obstacle in the long run.

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