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Indian Medical Students Can Pursue Higher Studies in US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Published on : September 26, 2023

The National Medical Commission ( NMC) India has received the prestigious World Federation for Medical Education ( WFME) Recognition tag for ten years. The Union Health Ministry of India broke the news in a recent press conference, aiming that Indian medical graduates will get several benefits out of the WFME status.

The Ministry further added that the WFME recognition would ensure the entry of medical graduates in other countries, including the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, for postgraduate training and practices.

Benefits to the Indian Medical Education Sector

There is a list of benefits Indian medical colleges and universities will receive out of the new status, including:

  • All the 706 Indian medical colleges are now WFME accredited.
  • In the next ten years of tenure, the newly set up colleges will get the official WFME recognition automatically.
  • Indian medical students can pursue postgraduate training and other healthcare practices in the most advanced countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

As the Indian medical education sector gets the world-renowned tag, Indian medical colleges will refurbish their medical academics to the highest standards with the help of globally renowned medical professors and other top-notch professionals from the healthcare sector.

Additionally, with this new status, Indian medical students can obtain their higher studies from global universities in first-world countries and start practicing anywhere in the world they want.

The accreditation of WFME further leads Indian medical students to receive International Medical Graduate ( IMG) status. The IMG tag is the gateway to obtaining a medical practice license internationally.

Brief About the New Rule on Medical License

The Education Commission on Foreign Medical Education is the primary governing body that provides licenses to International medical graduate students for medical practice purposes.

If any medical student wants to appear in the United States Medical Education Licensing Examination ( USMLE), he/she must be certified by ECFMG. Similar rules are applicable for residency permits.

From 2024, the applicant applying for ECFMG certification must be from a WFME-recognized medical institution.

Eligibility to obtain the certificate

A medical student can obtain the ECFMG certification -

  • After the completion of the 2nd year of a medical degree program
  • On or before USMLE 1st step examination

The Enhancement of Medical Education Worldwide

The World Federation for Medical Education ( WFME) is an international organization striving to provide world-class medical education. Therefore, the mission is to provide better healthcare for all.

Consequently, the WFME aims to uplift the quality of medical education and the standard service in healthcare and prepare the future generation to meet the requirements to deal with challenges and bring solutions.

With this announcement, medical students can apply to the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand to pursue higher studies. As Indian medical colleges get official accreditation, the study visa process will be smooth.

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