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International students are Canada’s key to recovery

International students are Canada’s key to recovery

Published on : October 29, 2020

In many ways, international students are the critical factors to Canada’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic

Canadians can now relax as the governments of different nations are coming together to manage the difficulties raised due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An excellent team of public health workers who are committed to society and well-versed in science and technology is contemplating how the Canadian economy can be reopened.

 Canada is a culturally diverse nation; whose bright future largely depends upon skilled workers who can aid the nation in building a stronger economy.

An important part of the recovery of any economy is a strong strategy to include culturally and economically diverse international students who come to Canada every year for studying. These international students will lead the country to build economic growth in nearly 100 communities all over the country. In the previous year alone, Canada welcomed 628000 students from all across the world. 1,50,000 students among them came for linguistic studies of English and French.

Foreign students create an export revenue of $22 billion each year in the form of tuition fees and living expenses. They create 170,000 jobs in Canada in various fields like housing, entertainment, retail, tourism, food, and beverages. Many of these students are committed to getting Canadian citizenship in the long run.

Canada managed the advancement of COVID-19 so far by taking strict social distancing measures and thus is now in a position to welcome foreign students to study in its universities again.

The beautiful economic and cultural fields of Canada depend mostly on the success of the country in attracting immigrants. COVID-19 interrupted this, but Canada is now again in a position to open borders to a certain section of immigrants.

Canada is in a better position when compared to many countries to welcome international students. Canada knows that international studies have markets across the world, and students get attracted to countries that provide a safe environment. Being in a position to welcome international students will prove the capacity of the country to manage the pandemic. The country can manage the transition of students by its strong public health restrictions. It is the only way to manage before students get deviated from other countries.

Canada is looking forward to welcoming the students back by working along with the local health authorities. Canada knows that many future leaders may emerge as leaders who will bring the country prosperity from these students.

The international students will love the country and would want to become its citizens because of the forwardness shown by the country in such an awful time.

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