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5 Easy Options To Migrate To Canada - Immigration 2020

At the thought of Canada, most people wish to settle there. There are few professionals in India in 2020 who don’t find Canada a good option for his career growth.

Whether it is for a high-income job or a stable long term career, Canada is indeed a choice of millions of Indians.

Though there several options to migrate to Canada, below are 5 options to migrate to Canada.

5 Easy Options to Settle in Canada in 2020

Canada offers a range of visa types. Based on your profile and case file, you can select any one of these visas and apply for immigration.

1. Federal Skilled Worker Visa (FSW) Program:

Requirement: 67 points

Category: Family Visa

Processing Time: 6months after receiving ITA

Visa Cost: $ 1125.00

Commonly known as FSW, this is one of the most commonly applied visas for Canadian permanent residency status. To apply for this visa, you do not need any job offer or sponsorship.

You can apply for the visa simply based on your skills and ability to become a part of the Canadian economy. Applicants of the FSW visa are allowed to apply for any other visa simultaneously if they want to speed up their success.

2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

Requirement: Require nomination from province

Visa Category: Family Visa

Processing Time: 7 months after receiving nomination

This program is often called as the shortcut to migrate to Canada as a skilled worker. This is because if you have the right skills and an exceptional demand in any province of Canada, that province can nominate you for a PR visa through its immigration program.

When the province nominates you, it increases your ranking in the pool and you are chosen over the others in the immediate next Canada Express Entry Draw. Hence, it becomes a faster and shorter route to obtain Canadian permanent residency status.

3. Quebec Immigration Program:

Requirement: 50 points or 59 points(if married)

Visa Category: Family Visa

Processing Time: 6 months after receiving nomination

Visa Cost: : 773CAD

This program is managed by a separate entity. While all Canada’s immigration programs are managed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the Quebec immigration program is managed by Quebec’s immigration department.

This is because Quebec, on the whole, is an individual entity and has its own rules and regulations. Hence, whether you want to migrate to Quebec as a temporary resident or through permanent residency, you must apply for Quebec visa programs.

4. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP):

Requirement: Offer Letter Employer of Atlantic Region

Visa Category: Family Visa

Processing Time: 7 months after receiving Offer letter

Visa Cost: $ 1125.00

The four provinces of Atlantic Region in Canada has started this program to seek highly skilled professionals. This program requires you to obtain a valid offer letter.

The major difference between AIPP and a work permit is that AIPP doesn't require an Employer to apply for Labour Market Impact assessment (also known as LMIA).

5. Canada Immigration Investor Program:

Requirement: Investment of Funds

Visa Category: Family Visa

Processing Time: 12-18months

Minimum Investment: $200,000

This program is specifically for business owners or investors who seek an expansion in Canada. They either have the interest to set up a new business in Canada or invest in an existing one.

Applicants of this immigrant investor program are required to demonstrate sufficient funds, show their business plan to the immigration and refugees department and give a confirmation that their business would give opportunities to Canadians as well.

Check Eligibility

Is immigration to Canada easy?

Yes. Migrating to Canada from India (or any country) is easy, specifically because of the Canada Express Entry System.

The introduction of Canada Express Entry brought a rapid shift in getting PR visas of Canada. Until 2015, visas of Canada were issued under a slow and quota based process.

This not only took time to succeed but also gave way to only those candidates who were able to submit their application faster.

“Canada Express Entry changed the face of Canada’s immigration policy. It became the World’s First System to issue visas considering skills and points”

The introduction of the Canada Express system brought in a more robust and practical method of issuing permanent residency visas for eligible applicants.

Candidates who are able to meet the immigration requirements and can score valid points are given priority over others who are unable to do so.

What are the requirements to immigrate to Canada?

To immigrate to Canada under the Canada Express Entry system, applicants are required to meet several eligibility requirements. These include:

  • Age– You must be of a young age who can work in Canadian economy healthily for a long time.
  • Qualification– You must be able to prove that your degree or higher education is equivalent to Canada’s higher education. Having post-secondary education is always an added advantage.
  • Work Experience– You must possess at least 1 year of work experience, preferably in an occupation that has a very high demand of talent in Canada.
  • Language Proficiency Skills– As Canada’s official language is English and the other official language is French, you must be able to pass either English or French language assessment with a good score.
  • Health Certificate– You must be able to prove that you are fit in health both physically and mentally. You need to submit medical certificates in order to do so.
  • Moral Character– Canada will accept you only if your home country (as well as the country of current residence) declares you free of any previous criminal records. You will be required to submit Police Clearance Certificate for this.
  • Financial Stability– In the last stage of the Canada visa process, you as a skilled worker are asked to show funds upto 3 (or more depending upon members who are immigration with you). This is confirm that you can manage your stay (and your family’s stay) in Canada, without any financially dependency on the Canadian government.
  • Eligible Points– Last but not the least, you are required to score 67 points out of 100 on Canada’s points based immigration grid. These points are allotted for factors like age, education, work experience, language skills etc.

Ask Our Expert

What is the maximum age to immigrate to Canada?

Canada seeks young and dynamic talent for its economy. Candidates of a young age and who can contribute to economy on a longer run are given first preference. Hence, Canada immigration department has fixed a particular age limit.

You will be allowed to apply for a Canada PR visa if you are in the age range of 18-40 years. Though the accepted age by Canada is 45, candidates who are above 40 do not get any points under Canada Express Entry system.

Can I go to Canada without a job offer?

Unlike any other long term work permit, Canada PR visa does not demand a job offer. This means that you neither need an LMIA or an employer contract in order to apply for a Canada PR visa.

All you need to do is to select the right visa category from the available list, check eligibility under the specified criteria and get ready to apply.

How long does it take to process a Federal Skilled Worker Visa?

If you see our case studies of successful immigrants to Canada, you will find that a large percentage of them have migrated to Canada through the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program.

This is primarily because this is the simplest pathway to move to Canada. You neither need a job offer to apply nor have to wait for any sponsorship. The entire process depends upon your skills and ability to score points.

Also, the selection process depends upon your CRS score. Once you are able to meet the desired CRS Points, your process will complete fast.

Hence, the time period of the process completion depends on how quick you are able to reach the desired CRS score and how early you submit the required documents.

According to our records, most of our immigrant applicants have obtained a Federal Skilled Worker visa between 6-12 months.

Will I be able to migrate with family on PR Visa?

Canada is one of those nations that opens its arms wide for families. To make family immigration easier, the country has offered a flexibility of 1 visa for the entire family.

If you include your family members in your immigration application, you will not require any separate visa for them.

In case you migrate to Canada first and then wish to invite your family after you settle with a job in Canada, you can do so by applying for a family sponsorship program.

In either ways, the process to settle in Canada with family is easy, comfortable and pocket-friendly.

How can I get job offer in Canada?

Anyone who desires to settle in Canada for a better career and improved lifestyle often wonders about job prospects. The good news is Canada’s market (for both IT and non-IT) is evergreen with growing opportunities.

As the country is unable to find right talent in the country, they are plenty of jobs open for immigrant skilled workers.

“In terms of industries, Statistics Canada said the most significant employment gains in November occurred in professional, scientific and technical services. Employment in health care and social assistance is also up lately.”

The best way to find a job in Canada is to start searching for it while your visa is in process. In order to do so, you can opt for any of the following methods:

  • Follow online job portals for Canadian jobs vacancies.
  • Search for Canadian jobs online through social media platforms.
  • Hire our Job Search expert to do the a-z job hunt process for you (get details here)

How to Apply for Canada PR in India?

To apply for a Canada PR in India approach Kansas Overseas Careers. Having been in the immigration service since years, we have proudly completed an immigration success of over 1500+.

Morevoer, we work with an independent IRCC consultant, which means that your process is in trusted and authorized hands. Your application is thoroughly verified and there is no chance of rejection.

To help you with a smooth migration to Canada from Indian, here’s our teams work:

  • With the help our immigration consultation, get to know the visa process details. Everything about the process, costs, procedures, after immigration formalities, etc. will be explained in detail.
  • After a quick screening of your profile, our evaluation experts help you in finding out your score, suggesting you the best visa options, job scope, costs analysis, challenges of your process and a lot more.
  • Only if you are eligible for the process, we suggest you to move ahead. Otherwise, we first help you out with solutions that can make you eligible or alternatives.
  • Once you sign-up for the visa, our process consultant helps you throughout the service. Every activity is guided, informed and updated to you at timely intervals.
  • In cases where follows ups with authorities are required, we take care of it.
  • During the visa process, we help your migration become a worthy settle abroad experience for you. This means that we help you in searching for a Canadian job at a local level, prepare for interviews and find a job for your spouse too. We also assist in accommodation search help.
  • After your visa process is complete, we guide you with after-landing formalities and how to begin life in Canada. Our support of immigration services is provided to you upto 6 months after you have immigrated to Canada.

For any further details regarding Canada immigration or the programs related, feel free to reach us online. You can give us a call on 1800-102-0109 or write to info@kansaz.com.

For a personalized consultation, we suggest you to visit our nearest branch. You can find Kansas Overseas Careers immigration consultants in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag and Thane.

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