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Overseas Education Consultant in Bangalore

Fast-track your visa process with Kansas 2.0 services. We offer a 360 ° relocation services including visa assistance, job search assistance, resume creation and more. Know more.

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Overseas Education Consultant in Bangalore

Study Abroad Consultant in Bangalore

Allowing nearly half a million international students, Canada provides a high quality of life and globally recognized education at the most affordable tuition fees. Alongside a high quality of life, Canada offers various job opportunities and permanent residency. At Kansas Overseas, our study abroad consultants provide consultation based on your academic qualifications. We guide you in choosing the best colleges and universities and assist with admission processes, eligibility criteria, and entrance test scores. Without wasting extra time, our legal advisor provides detailed information about Canada's rules and regulations. Our immigration service also includes language exam coaching for IELTS, TOEFL, visa consultancy, loan, scholarships, and admission processes. Connect with Kansas Overseas Careers in Bangalore for a personalized 1:1 consultation on studying abroad.

Benefits to study in Canada

Studying in Canada offers globally recognized education in a diverse and inclusive environment with various benefits like;

  • Advance Quality of Life: Enjoy an enhanced quality of life in Canada.
  • Excellent Education System: Benefit from a world-class education system in Canada.
  • Affordable Living Costs: Unlike other countries, Canada has affordable living standard of living.
  • Part-time Work: The country has more opportunities for students to work as part time.
  • Safe & Peaceful Environment: Canada has a safe and peaceful environment, with a high-security government.
  • Free Healthcare Services: With comprehensive medical insurance, Canada has the best healthcare system for all international students.

Eligibility of Studying in Canada

To study in Canada, one must need to meet certain eligibility criteria listed below;

  • Visa Approval from Cannada
  • Bachelors or Masters Educational Qualification
  • Study Permit Application
  • Employer references
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Confirmation letter from DLI has to confirm every LOA submitted
  • Proof of financial funds
  • Proof of English or French Proficiency
  • Undergo Medical examination

Process for Applying to Study Abroad

Studying in Canada is a cherished dream for numerous students. Although there are multiple ways for studying abroad but in Canada, the common approach is to apply directly to Canadian universities. At Kanas Overseas Careers in Bangalore, Canada Immigration Consultants guide you through the Canadian university application process, help with paperwork, and assist in obtaining a student permit visa under student permits, SDS program and CAQ. College admission results are usually out by the end of spring. We support you in applying for the visa and clearing necessary exams like language tests, and it takes 2 to 16 weeks to process a Canada student visa as per the government. If you want to study in Canada, Kanas Overseas Careers team helps you to pick the right university and course for you.

Assistance On Pre-Departure

Moving to a new place with a different culture can be tough. Recognizing this challenge, Kansas Overseas Careers ensures our visa agents provide migrating students with comprehensive assistance for their pre-departure to Canada. We cover everything from cultural insights to bank exchanges and legal considerations.

Cost to study in Canada

The cost of studying in Canada varies and depends on many factors like visa fees, living expenses, tuition fees and other extra costs. Kansas overseas education consultant has gathered accurate details on the average cost of living for diploma, graduate, postgraduate and master's programs in Canada.

Higher Study Options Average Tuition Fee per Year Visa Fee Living Expenses for 1 Year/Proof of funds for one year

Undergraduate Diploma & Advanced Diploma

13,000 CAD and above

150 CAD

20,635 CAD

Advanced Diploma

13,000 CAD and above

20,635 CAD


13,000 CAD and above

20,635 CAD

PG Diploma/Graduation Certificate

13,000 CAD and above

20,635 CAD

Masters (MS/MBA)

17,000 CAD and above

20,635 CAD

Scholarship to Study in Canada

There are numerous scholarships offered by the Canadian government for students who are unable to afford their education in Canada. At Kanas, we can guide you in identifying the best scholarships based on your academic criteria.

24/7 Post-Landing Support

As a student, immigrating is a quarter of the whole transition procedure. But moving to Canada, enrolling in college and living a new life in a new place is a comprehensive process. With our 24/7 post-landing support, we guide you right from the airport to comfortable accommodation.

Why Choose Kansas Overseas Career?

  • Licensed Visa Counsellors: We provide personalized 1:1 counselling to help each student determine the most suitable program for their needs.
  • Expertise of Visa services: With over 11 years, we have helped more than 10,000 students to secure college admission through our visa consultancy services.
  • Transparent & Comprehensive Services: Kansas covers visa services from visa application to career counselling, post-landing and job assistance.

Cannada Education Consultant in Bangalore

Kansas Overseas Careers is an authorized and licensed immigration consultancy in Bangalore. Our team of counsellors helps you choose the best study abroad program in Cannada. Based on your career choice in engineering, medical, business, science and other fields.

Education Consultant in Bangalore

We also assist in preparing for language proficiency with IELTS coaching. We help you with visa application processes with post-landing support. Understanding that every student has different goals and dreams, our Canada education consultants provide comprehensive Cannada study visa services in Bangalore.


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