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Best Overseas Education Consultants in Bangalore

Are you a student or professionals and want to pursueeducation in a foreign country? If yes, before you plan your future, it is essential to be clear about your education and career objectives.

  • Which country provide post-study visa easily?
  • How to avoid visa application rejection?
  • Which course should you enrol in?
  • Which university or college is best for you?

With the help of education consultants in Bangalore, you can easily make your plan come true.

How Kansas can help you with your study in a foreign country?

360 degree services covers all aspects of studying abroad including:

  1. Reviewing and shortlisting ideal universities or colleges based on your budget, the quality of Education, possibility of obtaining a visa etc.
  2. Assistance in the admission process and submission of admission form and student visa
  3. Talk about future career prospects and the visa application process
  4. Preparation for language test such as IELTS, TOFEL, GRE, etc
  5. Guidance is drafting Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  6. Advice on available scholarship and how to apply
  7. Assistance post landing in a foreign country such as accommodation
  8. Pre-departure briefing once you have received your student visa
  9. Systematic financial guidance
  10. Regular follow up through email and personal phone call

All our education consultants are experienced in the area of foreign study. Your assigned education consultant will go through your credentials in detail and will make sure you have the best possible fit for your area of study.

Who is the best education consultant in Bangalore?

Kansas Overseas Consultancy is a leader when it comes to providing educational services to international students. In Bangalore, we help students to study in English speaking countries such as the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, etc. We have a strong network managed by approachable experts who helps you make the right choice

What are the benefits of studying abroad?

Studying abroad has several benefits. One gets to experience a new culture in a new land. Following are some of the many benefits enjoyed by the Indian students:

Education: By enrolling in a program abroad, one gets a chance to experience a different style of education. There is a wide range of options to choose from, and some are research-based while others are skilled based. This helps students expand their horizons and open a new world of opportunities. Not only this, but the number of programs also allows international students to pursue a different course at the same time.

Work with some of the best employers: studying abroad makes you more competitive in the workforce. It allows you to show to your employers that you have an open mind, different resources, and ready to adapt to a different environment. You get to learn new approaches to handle different situations. Many employers prefer to hire graduates with international education experience.

A lifetime experience: your study experience abroad does not end at the campus gate itself. For many students, possibly this is the only chance to travel abroad; ultimately, you will end up with your regular job and hectic lifestyle. During off days you will have the opportunity to move around. This means that you get to experience different geographies. If you want, you can work part-time. Take this opportunity to see the world to meet new people and learn a new culture and language.

Personal development: there is nothing like living independently in a foreign country. Over the period, you develop valuable life skills required for personal growth. These skills give you an extra dose of confidence both in your personal and professional life.

Do education consultants really help students to study abroad?

Yes, a genuine education consultant will surely help students to study abroad. They will save your precious time and hard earned money as they are ready with verified documents. The best thing about education consultant is the plethora of options foreign students easily get.

Education consultants are experts. They very well know which country is best for which stream. They know everything minutely i.e. pros and cons of living in a specific country, finances required and available options.

Why Indian students show interest to study abroad?

India rank second only after China in the list of international students studying in foreign universities and colleges.But, despite of being home to some of the best education universities, why a large number of Indian students chose to study abroad? Educationalprofessionals believeacquiring a foreign degree gives them global recognition. Which states, the concern student has not only successfully thrived but have also endeavour outside their home country.

A degree from a university abroad is valued more in the local job market. MNC’s consider foreign exposure a vital exposure while making decision about the applicant to hire. Securing a international degree is also regarded as a gatewayto better job prospects abroad.

Why Indian students show interest in studying abroad?

A large number of Indian students choose to studyabroad is due to the academic freedom that they get in a foreign land. It means access to modern teaching methods and sophisticated equipment and the liberty to choose their area of interest.

Why do you need to consult overseas education consultants in Bangalore to study abroad?

Planning to pursue higher education is never enough. Starting from selecting a course, university, and country, everything requires proper planning. Here is a strong need to consult an overseas education consultant.

To get the best education consultants, first and foremost, start researching and outline a detailed plan. After that, you can approach an education consultant or immigration consultant. The reason why you must research at your end is when you are clear with your objectives, you can easily collect precise information with the help of such professionals.

Even though the world has become incredibly tech-friendly, there areseveral things that the internet cannot guide you. It becomes all the more essential to consult an overseas education consultant. They can explain the cultural difference that an International student is likely to face and help them prepare for the experience.

What else, with endless knowledge about education pathways and career opportunities for international students, they can help you make informed choices.

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