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New Zealand declares COVID-19 protocol changes for travellers in 2022

Published on : September 14, 2022


The Government of New Zealand(NZ) declared on Monday, 12 September 2022, that no travellers entering the country will be required to take a vaccination or test for COVID-19 upon arrival.

The new allowance of entry without COVID testing includes the cabin aircrew of the flight too. 

Travellers can enter the country without being checked for symptoms of COVID-19 anymore as the government finally relaxes its hold on filtering out COVID-positive people from entering NZ.

New Zealand re-opened itself for tourism at 11:59 PM on 31st July 2022, including opening the country's maritime borders to foreign-flagged vessels like cruise ships.

Eventually, NZ's Quarantine free travel requirement for Pacific Island countries will be gone too.

Also, for all travellers to NZ, whether by air or sea, it is now mandatory to apply for and receive a travel pass through the New Zealand Traveller Declaration, not the Nau Mai Ra. 

For those travelling to NZ by air

It is essential to obtain the travel pass before your flight to NZ. That way, once you reach the airport, you can show your travel pass to Customs. You can print the travel pass or save it on your mobile.

In case you have a travel pass through the Nau Mai Ra, you must re-apply for a travel pass from the official traveller declaration website. 

The travel passes from Nau Mai Ra are no longer valid or accepted as of 11:59 PM, 12 September 2022.

Please click here for detailed information regarding the COVID-19 update from New Zealand.

As for COVID-19 vaccinations:

All travellers are encouraged to be on track with their vaccination schedule.

They are encouraged to have up-to-date records for their health benefits and not risk falling ill with covid during their trip to NZ.

*However, as of 12 September 2022, no travellers to NZ will anymore be subject to COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

If you are transiting through New Zealand, you are not required to take a COVID-19 test.

Voyage by Sea

Depending on the type of vessel they have travelled by, those entering New Zealand via sea are encouraged to test on disembarkation. Click here for more details on maritime sector requirements and protocols.

COVID-19 protocols through the duration of the stay

All except those under six months of age, travellers must complete Day 0/1 & Day 5/6 Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) post flying into NZ.

Make sure you double-check with your insurance if it covers you for the treatment of COVID-19 in New Zealand, Do check the procedures prescribed by your insurance regarding what to do if you catch the coronavirus in New Zealand.

Those who automatically qualify for publically funded COVID-19 healthcare are Australian citizens or residence-class visa holders who live in the United Kingdom. However, COVID-19 testing for symptomatic people, along with preventive vaccinations, is free to anyone in New Zealand.

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