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Prime Minister Liz Truss Announces Major Pro-Immigration Review of UK Visa System This September 2022

Published on : September 26, 2022


Prime Minister Truss is ready to challenge anti-immigration laws and fellow conservative cabinet colleagues in a central review of the UK Visa system.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss prepares to launch a major review of the country's visa system. The move comes as an effort to tackle acute labour shortages in critical industries in the United Kingdom.

Prime Minister Liz Truss took office earlier this month. She entered her role as Prime minister on September 5, 2022. But her official duties began following the death of Queen Elizabeth

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Truss has hardly had time to declare her magnum opus on bettering Britain's economy.

On September 20, 2022, during the last trip to New York, Truss disclosed she is unafraid to take unpopular decisions as a necessary measure to encourage economic growth.

Truss stated that significant changes would be made to the "shortage occupation list" to bring in foreign workers for the UK's lack of critical skills.

Details on what the Review will change in the UK Visa system

Reviewing the UK's visa system will allow specific industries to hire more staff. Jobs like broadband engineers are examples of the core industry jobs available to international non-UK professionals.

The intense Review of the UK's visa system makes a special place even for non-English speaking professionals in some sectors f UK's industry requirements. 

Details were reported first-hand by Downing street officials during the financial minister Kwarteng's fiscal statement on Friday.

UK's current economic condition 

Minister Kwarteng spoke to BBC this Sunday: 

 "It's not about relaxing rules. The whole point about the Brexit debate if we want to go down there was we need to control immigration in a way that works for the UK."

The number of available seats for foreign immigrants proposed by the official Review is not yet affirmative.

However, Kwarteng said that the home secretary would give an update in the coming weeks.

This move is a solid counter to UK's falling economy in recent years, following the shutdown of companies and loss of labour due to the pandemic.

Given the fall in the value of sterling, Truss said:

"I believe that Britain's economic fundamentals are strong. We have relatively low debt compared to the rest of the G7, and we have strong employment - although we do need to help more people who are currently economically inactive go into work - we have a great enterprise culture."

She also suggested reviewing the tax rates to make them competitive with other countries to attract proper investment to the UK.

The Financial Times, in its report, also said the UK government was all set to lift the cap on foreign national seasonal workers from working in agriculture.

"What the chancellor will be outlining on Friday is his approach showing that we are fiscally responsible, we're going to carry out our policies in a fiscally responsible way," Prime Minister Liz Truss said.

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