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Quebec to Recruit Globally to Fill Nurse Shortages

Published on : March 8, 2021

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According to a report by the French-language media agency Radio Canada, Quebec's health network seeks to fill the shortage of nurses and orderlies in the province by recruiting abroad.

The report suggests that Quebec's recruitment sessions will be held in France and Belgium in the upcoming months to recruit over 200 orderlies and 1,700 nurses.

Nurses Shortage in Quebec

While the shortage of orderlies and nurses is not new to Quebec, it has worsened after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, Quebec has witnessed nurses either retiring prematurely or leaving the profession altogether.

Thus, the number of nurses and orderlies that are being recruited from abroad this year is five times higher than in 2019.

Nurses Shortage in Canada

Provinces across Canada had been warning of a severe shortage even before the pandemic broke out. The pandemic has just worsened it.

According to a Globe and Mail newspaper report, vacancies for nurses have increased by over 50% in the last year.

Moreover, recent data on job postings by Statistics Canada hints towards increasing recruitment in the country's healthcare sector.

Immigrate to Canada As a Nurse

To immigrate to Canada as a nurse, the interested candidate must prove that they are qualified on the same level as medical personnel in Canada.

This involves undergoing credential assessment, getting their work experience reviewed, and proving that they meet the country's licencing requirements.

They can then apply for permanent residence under either the Express Entry System or the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP).

Obtaining a nomination under PNP while also having an Express Entry profile can earn the candidate an additional 600 points under Express Entry's CRS score.

This can guarantee that the candidate is invited to apply for permanent residence in the next immigration draw.

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