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Quebec To Set Higher Immigration Targets

Published on : April 27, 2021


Immigration minister of Quebec addressing the world in a press conference said they are working on different scenarios to increase its immigration targets. Because of the Covid situation, there is a big drop in the number of immigrant admissions to Quebec and to get out of this situation the province is continuously working to get the required solution. 

There is a short-fall of nearly 17,000 to 18,000 applicants because of this pandemic and the province is working hard to fill this gap, Quebec immigration minister Mr. Nadine Girault said this statement in a virtual press conference held on Thursday. 

Jean Boulet (Province’s labor minister) in a business meeting said that immigration is “a necessity” and there is a need to speed up the flow of immigrant workers to the province. Adding some more in the meeting, she said the government will review some immigration regulations in order to help address the labor shortage. 

She significantly related these words to temporary immigration. Because it is a major focus of the government in Quebec.

Radio-Canada published a report last week that Quebec announced a plan to increase immigration and is re-evaluated. In regards to temporary foreign workers and permanent workers, Quebec is currently engaged in talks with the federal government. 

Quebec just admitted over 25,000 of permanent residents in 2020. Because of a lot of travel restrictions imposed by the federal government, there is a drop in immigrants. Which leads immigration to face difficulties in Quebec. 

Quebec announced its immigration targets in late October 2020. They are expecting over 43,000 to 45,000 immigrants this year, i.e. 2021. Quebec’s economic immigration programs will also help to complete the immigration target up to an extent of 62 percent.

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