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Welcome Changes in the UK Immigration Laws

Published on : December 10, 2020

Key Highlights:

  • Changes to the UK Immigration
  • About the Skilled Worker Visa
  • The Skilled Worker Visa Cap is Suspended
  • Sponsorship Licence Required by Employers
  • Applying for a Sponsorship Licence
  • Sponsorship Licence Fees
  • Avoiding Delays

Employers welcome changes to the UK immigration system post-Brexit.

As of now, jobs that are not there on the UK shortage occupation list are required to go through the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT). 

The test required the employer to place at least two adverts for the job to run for 28 days. Only then could they begin the process of hiring foreign workers from outside the UK.

About the Skilled Worker Visa

This will not be so in the coming days. Employers will now have to consider all candidates as equal regardless of their status. Nevertheless, sponsors will still have to fill a genuine vacancy with the required skills and salary thresholds.

Coming 2021 brings major changes to UK immigration laws. Employers in the UK looking for foreign workers need to be aware of these changes coming into effect next year.

The Skilled Worker Visa Cap is Suspended

The government of the UK has suspended the cap on the Skilled Worker Visa. There will now be no limit to the number of skilled foreign workers coming to the UK.

Here are some of the other changes:

  • Minimum skills threshold reduced from NOF Level 6 (graduate) to NOF Level 3 (A standard)
  • Minimum salary reduced from £30,000 to £25,600 or the applicable Standard Occupational Classification rate (whichever is higher)
  • Candidates for Intra-Company Transfer Visa, Youth Mobility Scheme Visa (T5), Ponts-Based System dependents, and others can now easily switch to the Skilled Worker Visa

Sponsorship Licence is Required by Employers

Employers will need to apply for a sponsorship licence to bring in foreign workers into the UK. The company will need to prove the following to be eligible.

  • Hold no criminal charges like fraud or money laundering, or unspent criminal convictions for immigration offences
  • Employment offer needs to be genuine and meet skill levels
  • Meet the appropriate rates for salary
  • Systems should be placed for monitoring sponsored employees

Applying for a Sponsorship Licence

The employer should first determine whether they need the employee on a short or long-term basis.

  • Apply for a Worker’s Licence for a permanent or long-term position
  • Apply for Temporary Worker’s Licence for short-term employment

Employers can apply online and post submission sheets and supporting documents to UKVI. Documents should be originals or certified copies. Applications can be rejected if documents are incorrect or do not provide sufficient proof.  

Sponsorship Licence Fees

A certain fee is required to be paid along with the sponsorship application. The amount will depend upon the type of licence and the kind of organization.

Type of Licence

Fee for Small or Charitable Sponsors

Fee for Medium or Large Sponsors




Temporary Worker



Worker & Temporary Worker



Adding a Worker Licence to Existing Temporary Worker Licence

No Fee


Adding a Temporary Worker Licence to Existing Worker Licence

No Fee

No Fee


Avoiding Application Delays

The UK Home Office is likely to experience delays in processing times due to an overflow of foreign workers from EU and non-EU nationals.

It is important for employers to get going to ensure that their businesses are prepared as the clock ticks away. Wiser to meet all requirements to avoid delays in visa processing times!

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