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Best Canada PR Consultants in Bangalore

As a skilled professional in Bangalore it is likely that you are busy with your job or other priorities, thereby hiring an efficient and experienced Canada PR consultant can save a lot of time and burden for the PR aspirants in Bangalore


Why is Hiring a Canada Immigration Consultant Important?

Even though it may appear that its not mandatory to hire a Canada PR consultant to get your visa process, but the services of a capable consultant can save you a lot of time and money.

With Kansas you will save both because:

  • We will first evaluate your educational and employment details and then would advise you.
  • Suggest the best immigration program under which you can migrate to Canada.
  • If you need to get improved in anything, we will make sure you are updated on it.
  • We will assist you in searching for a job in Canada.
  • We will write a resume according to the standards of Canadian employers.
  • We will assist you even after getting to Canada until you settle comfortably.

What are other advantages to apply with Kansas?

1. Kansas will have updated knowledge on immigration:

In Canada, draws are conducted by the government and numerous provinces very frequently. Hence it becomes difficult to keep every detail up to date.

Kansas keep tab on the latest information and keep you informed about every detail of the immigration to Canada. With this knowledge, we can suggest you the best course to action to follow.

2. We make you avoid costly mistakes:

Sometimes small and simple mistakes can cause visa rejection.

  • It is possible that you may not have updated knowledge of the ever-changing immigration trends.
  • If it is the case, you have to apply again, and it would cause money and time wastage.
  • If you consult an overseas consultant, you will have all the knowledge in your kitty and can fill in the application appropriately.
  • This saves the money you have to spend on reapplying, without wasting your precious time.

3. A better understanding of immigration rules and laws:

Good knowledge of the rules and regulations of the Canadian immigration can save you from rejection or revision.

  • You may get confused about specific changes and clauses of immigration. We assist you by answering each and every query of yours.
  • Our experience can make you get through complex situations quickly.
  • We also guide you medically and legally.

4. Suggestions about various pathways to Canada:

Canada has the largest number of programs for the migration of enthusiastic candidates.

  • This is undoubtedly a very good advantage for applicants. But the options sometimes may overwhelm you.
  • We will hence take all your details and evaluate you based on your education, experience, etc.
  • Then we would suggest you the best program for you to migrate to Canada.
  • This will make you succeed in the visa processing easily.
  • You would also work and live happily as your visa program is appropriately selected for your skills.

5. Successful visa approval:

When you follow all the parameters mentioned above, success is bound to come to you.

  • Once you consult us, getting you a Canadian permanent visa is not just your priority; it is ours too.
  • This commitment will lead you to your visa approval without any hurdles.
  • If you face hurdles, we will always be there to assist you with our full capacity.
  • Once you get your visa, we will start working on getting you a flight ticket.
  • After you reach Canada, we assist you in getting settled in Canada completely.

How much do the consultants charge for Canada PR in Bangalore?

Immigration consultants in Bangalore charge a hefty amount for providing visa services. However, Kansas Overseas Careers has a unique structure of fees.

  • We ensure that our fee is affordable for every applicant.
  • Therefore, we have designed convenient packages that you can choose from based on the services you want to opt for.
  • Also, if you sign up for your visa process immediately after your eligibility result is declared positive, you can save more.
  • You will have to bear certain charges levied by the Embassy along with the costs of the immigration services.
  • To understand the overall cost of our immigration services in Bangalore and how you can save a considerable amount on your visa process in 2020, consult our immigration experts online or come to our office.

How can you decide on an immigration consultant in Bangalore?

Kansas Overseas Careers is one of the best and genuine immigration consultants in Bangalore.

  • We ensure that our services are easily accessible to candidates who want to migrate to Canada from Bangalore.
  • Our record of being nominated among the top 10 promising immigration consultants in India and the fact that we work with independent ICCRC consultants makes us one-of-a-kind immigration consultants in India.
  • Also, our clientele is strong for the reason that we don’t just process visas but truly make immigration a worthwhile journey.
  • Our service does not end with the visa process. We go the extra mile in ensuring that every aspect that is required for a smooth start in Canada is satisfied.
  • From preparing an impressive and click-bait resume to searching for the best rental housing facility as per your preference, our immigration consultants take care of everything.
  • What’s more? When you approach Kansas Overseas Careers for a professional immigration process, you will notice that our service fee is competitively lower than other consultants in Bangalore.
  • Every service that is offered is explained to you, along with the average cost that is cumulatively added in our package.
  • In a fast-paced city like Bangalore, where time flies in the blink of an eye, our Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore will provide full value to your time.
  • Every document that has to be submitted and every stage that has to be passed through is ensured to be completed within the given deadline.

Eligibility criteria for Express Entry Program:

An immigration consultant needs to have full-fledged knowledge on the eligibility criteria of the major immigration program of Canada, Express Entry.

  • The eligibility criteria also depend upon the program you are selecting.
  • Our evaluation experts will help you understand your eligibility by conducting a simple and timely evaluation service.
  • During this service, you will have to take into consideration your points, job offer demand, costs of immigration, and several other details.

However, to undergo our evaluation service, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Your age must be under 40 years
  • You must be a graduate from a recognized University
  • You must have work experience of over one year
  • You must be proficient in the English language
  • You must be moral in character and sound in health
  • You must be able to score 67 points on Canada’s points-based grid (immigration points)

Right from eligibility check to the finer details of immigration, our consultants will be more than happy to help you with everything.

You can reach us on our toll-free line, 1800-102-0109 or write to us at info@kansaz.com.