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Canada PR Consultants in Chennai

Want to move to Canada from Chennai? The PR process is quite challenging and requires a lot of time to fulfilling the requirements.

That is why successful immigrant applicants recommend hiring an immigration consultant to carry on a smooth and stress-free visa process.

Why you need a PR consultant?

With the growing interest of skilled workers in Canada immigration, more and more consultancies in Chennai aim to provide efficient and effective help in processing PR visas of Canada.

However, not all consultants are reliable. Then, what do you do? How would you find who can be trusted and who cannot?

To understand these answers, first you must know the importance of a PR consultant in a visa process.

It is mandatory to study the roles and responsibilities any reliable immigration consultant may take up to give you the best experience of immigration.

What does an immigration consultant do?

Kansas Overseas Careers in India is one of the well-recognized and highly reputed consultants in India.

Since years, we have processed over thousands of visas for Canada immigration and helped both individuals and families settle in Canada from Chennai (and across India).

Our role in the immigration process is well regarded and highly effective.

  • We will guide you in visa selection, process details, and a lot
  • We prepare a well-presented application which is verified by trusted agents is our strength
  • We regularly follow-up on your application
  • We suggest you options that are best in your favour for a quick process
  • We make your immigration smoother by helping you find a job in Canada

What is the process of immigrating to Canada from Chennai 2020?

Now that you have understood the significant role immigration consultants play in your visa process, it’s time to understand the process of immigrating to Canada.

The process is easy and can be completed within 6-8 months.

The steps involved are as follows:

  • Check your eligibility and determine points for PR visa
  • Arrange documents as per the customized document checklist given to you
  • Send transcript for Educational Credential Assessment to the designated organization
  • Create a profile with Express Entry and enter the pool
  • Strive for the highest CRS score required in 2020 to get selected faster
  • Receive Invitation to Apply on getting picked up in Express Entry draws
  • Undergo medicals and obtain PCC
  • Submit PR application along with relevant fees and documents
  • Wait for Canadian immigration authorities to process your visa
  • After visa approval, go for passport stamping at the nearest Canadian Embassy

Which is the best Canada immigration consultant in Chennai?

Kansas Overseas Careers is an immigration consultant with extensive experience in processing visas of Canada.

  • We have now been recognized as one of the top immigration consultancies in Chennai, aiming to aid the talented Indians to migrate to Canada.
  • With our simplified immigration services, you not only experience a smooth visa process but also get additional help in various aspects of immigration.
  • With the support of our teams, we have made our services reach to a success rate of 98%. In addition, Silicon India – The Largest community of professionals in India has awarded us as one among the "Top 10 Promising Immigration Consultants in India".
  • Our visa process service is par excellence, and we have helped over 1500 immigrants to migrate to various countries of the world.

Ask our Experts

Can you go to Canada without a job offer?

There is no difficulty in migrating to Canada without a job offer. Unlike work permits, Canada immigration visas make it easy for candidates without a job offer to settle in Canada.

However, having a job offer can get additional points. Moreover, it creates opportunities or prospects that you can take up immediately after migrating to Canada.

If you have a job offer from a Canadian employer, you are high regard over every applicant who is eligible for the visa.

How Can I Apply

Who is eligible for Express Entry Canada?

Skilled professionals or skilled tradesmen only qualify for a PR visa under Canada Express Entry programs.

This is because Canada has designed the Express Entry as a platform to bring in skilled talent and boost the country’s economy.

A skilled worker with good work experience, English language skills, and intend to live in Canada legally is considered for immigration.

Elaborating, these are the traits that Canada immigration considers when declaring an applicant eligible for a PR visa:

  • Age must be below 45 years
  • Must be a graduate from a recognized University
  • Must have at least 1-year work experience
  • Must be proficient in the English language
  • Must be able to score 67 points under Canada's points-based immigration grid
  • Must be of good health and moral character

How to get permanent residency in Canada from Chennai?

To obtain permanent residency in Canada from Chennai, you must first approach a trusted immigration consultant. You can contact consultants in Chennai online or in person.

  • Attend a consultation session where you will learn everything about the visa process
  • Ask the consultant to evaluate your profile and help you determine your points and NOC code
  • Seek a complete cost analysis to prepare yourself financially for the process
  • Take guidance (or resource material) from consult and attempt the IELTS exam
  • Arrange sealed transcripts from your University and hand them over to your consultant for a thorough verification before submission
  • Submit all your details that are required to create an initial application.

These details must be accurate, else you maybe even banned from entering the country anytime.

  • Let your consultant do the task of follow-up and monitor the status of your application
  • During this process, any changes in your life (like birthday, marriage, new job, birth/death of a family member, additional education, etc.) must be updated to the consultant.

This is because all the details in the application must be the latest and true to the fullest.

  • In the meantime, search for a job in Canada.

Ask your consultant help in preparing a standard Canadian resume and assist you in the job search

  • Seek guidance in ways to improve your CRS score and implement whichever applicable
  • Once you receive your ITA, ask your consultants to help you out in filing the final PR application.

Remember, you will have only 60 days to do so.

  • Try arranging for accommodation while your visa is in process. Your consultant (of Kansas Overseas Careers) will help you best in doing so.
  • In the end, get guidance in passport stamping and go for the same.

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