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Top Canada PR Consultants in Chennai in 2022!

If you want to migrate to Canada, and if you are from Chennai, read along to know who is the best Canada PR Consultants for Chennai.

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With its beautiful landscapes and multi-racial culture, Canada is one of the most preferred destinations to settle in. Canada is a country of immense opportunities. Thanks to the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa, more Indian Immigrants are heading to Canada.

What does a Canadian Immigration consultant do?

As an immigration consultant, the responsibilities are:

  • To guide the candidate as he or she selects a visa to apply.
  • Educate candidates about the process and the processing time.
  • Follow up with the application.
  • The consultants know which would be the faster process to pursue.
  • Help the candidate create a resume and find a job at best.
  • Migration consultants help with legal matters and offer mental support too.

Which is the best Canada Immigration Consultant in Chennai?

Kansas Overseas Career is the Best Immigration Consultant in Chennai. Don’t take our word for it.

We have the numbers to prove it. 99 % of our clients are now in Canada.

  • As far as a job in Canada is concerned, no consultancy firm can offer you a job in another country. You may be getting into a trap if you believe that. 
  • Consultancies can only go as far as connecting you with a job network and supporting you with interview training and courses. The rest is all you.

Kansas offers resume assistance, IELTS training, and French courses. We also make sure that your application is approved. And if it doesn’t, we’ll refund your money.

Related FAQs

What documents do you need to get a PR for Canada from Chennai?

Get ready with documents for your Visa application:

  • Education transcripts
  • Birth Certificate
  • Identity Proofs
  • Work Experience Documents
  • Proof of Funds

What is the step-by-step process to immigrate to Canada from Chennai?

What is the cost for Canada PR?

Here’s a cost breakdown of Canada PR:



Primary Applicant

$ 2075

Additional Spouse

$ 1,325

Dependent Child

$ 225


How can Kansas Help?

Kansas can help you every step of the way. If you are planning to settle down in Canada, we must tell you that your decision is quite right. We at Kansas, have helped thousands of people settle in different countries. Served 20K+ customers and over 3K+ active cases.

Let us help you achieve your dreams. 

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