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100s of Visa Consultants in Hyderabad? Which to Choose?

Choosing the best immigration consultant in Hyderabad is indeed a tough job. Wondering why? It’s because there are over hundreds of visa consultants in this city that you get confused whom to trust and whom to proceed with.

To make your selection process easier, here’s some important information related to choosing the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad.

Decide which country do you want visa for

While there are many visa consultants in Hyderabad, not everyone process visas for all countries. So, you have to first decide which country you want to move to.

Based on your selected country and purpose of immigration, you have to choose a consultant that specializes in processing visas for the selected country.

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How to choose the best immigration consultant in Hyderabad?

Once you have created a list of the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad, you are all set to determine one which is par excellence.

For this, you have to thoroughly analyse each of them using these following tips:

Read Reviews Online: Google reviews of immigration consultants in Hyderabad will greatly help you in understanding about their services, code of conduct and a lot more.

Reviews of visa consultants in Hyderabad give you a real glimpse of what people have experienced with the consultancy services.

Visit Visa Consultancy in Hyderabad: Another best way to understand a consultant is to personally interact with them. This can happen by visiting their nearest immigration consultancy in Hyderabad.

When you visit the office and interact with the consultants, you will be able to understand how they work, their approach towards visa processing, their code of conduct, assessment procedures and a lot more.

Many consultancies in Hyderabad offer free visa consultation. It is ideal that you attend these visa consultation sessions before you make an informed decision.

Check out the Success Rate: A visa consultant must be open enough to their visa results or customer satisfaction ratio.

Most consultancies in Hyderabad will show you visa copies of clients they have processed for and also help you understand their unique strengths through case studies.

Study the case studies for a better understanding of how the consultant can be of your help during challenging situations.

Check out the Website: A website of an immigration consultant shows their digital presence. In this era where everything is digital, consultants in Hyderabad must be adaptive enough to use best technology and digital platforms to process your visa.

A well-presented website with thorough information about the consultancy services will equally help you in understanding their operations.

Understand the Services Offered: This aspect is interlinked to all factors mentioned about. Be it through reviews online, cases studies, office visit or website, the ultimate goal is to understand what services the selected consultant services in Hyderabad.

These services help you determine the overall activities that are involved in your visa process and the worth of each.

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What are the important documents I need to apply for a visa?

Arranging correct and proper documents is an important aspect of a visa process. Be it a student visa or an immigration visa, a work visa or a visit visa, every visa process requires a set of documents that are to be submitted to the Embassy.

While a visa consultant is always the right person to help you with a customized checklist of documents (based on your purpose of application and profile), here is a quick glance at the basic documents required when applying for various visas:

Documents required for immigration visas/PR Visas

  • Points score card (Canada, Australia, Hong Kong)
  • English Language Test Results (to prove proficiency in English language)
  • Assessment report (Educational Credential Assessment for Canada; Skills Assessment for Australia)
  • Qualification documents (degrees, diplomas, certificates etc.)
  • Employment documents (experience letters, referral letters, etc.)
  • Medical Certificate (of self and family)
  • Police Clearance Certificate (to prove no criminal history)
  • Proof of funds (Canada visas)
  • Valid Passport

Documents required for student visas

  • State of purpose (letter detailing your intent to live in the specific country)
  • Letters of referral (in several cases)
  • Highest qualification documents
  • Proof of funds (fund maintenance)
  • University admission receipt
  • Valid Passport

Documents required for visit visas

  • Valid passport
  • Sponsorship letter (in case of sponsor)
  • Cover Letter (with details of visit, stay etc.)
  • Employment certificates
  • Proof of funds
  • Itinerary (in cases applicable)
  • Proof of fee payment

Documents required for work visas

  • Employment contract (from employer of selected country)
  • Employment documents
  • Valid passport
  • Proof of fee payment

“Under any circumstances, submitting fraud or incorrect documents is a crime and may lead to visa refusal. It may also permanently ban the applicant from reapplying. Get your documents verified by a visa consultant before submission”

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If my visa validity gets over, will I get help from my visa agent for a renewal?

In case, due to any unforeseen circumstances you are unable to move to the selected country and your visa validity expires, you can approach a visa consultant for help.

Visa consultants in Hyderabad will study your case and help you reapply for the visa. All procedures related to reapplication will be explained to you and done on your behalf, under expert supervision.

Who are the best PR visa consultants in Hyderabad?

Considering all the factors that you must consider to find the best visa consultant, Kansas Overseas Careers is an ideal choice.

This is not something we are saying but the Google reviews of Kansas Overseas Careers, Hyderabad. Kansas holds a successful track record of processing over 1500 PR visas and over thousands of other visas.

Our clientele is strong and belongs to nations like India, USA, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc.

Since our establishment, we have provided a range of services that not only help a candidate obtain a visa but also migrate to the selected nation smoothly from Hyderabad.

We provide services beyond visa process like resume writing, job search help, rental housing search help.

To understand more about us, feel free to visit Kansas Overseas Careers consultancies in Hyderabad, located at Jubilee Hills, Somajiguda and Begumpet. You can also call us toll free 1800-102-0109.

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