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100s of Visa Consultants in Hyderabad! Which to Choose?

Consultants aid you in providing all the necessary details to get a visa to any country of your choice. Read on.

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A visa can take you abroad and a Visa Consultant can accelerate the visa process effortlessly. Hyderabad Visa Consultants are known for their high success rate: 98% in the entire nation. They are trained to process all your visa related procedures and ease all the legal and documentation requirements. Read along.

Who are the best PR visa consultants in Hyderabad?

We are the best PR Consultants in Hyderabad. Don’t take our word for it, we have the numbers to prove it. Served 20K+ customers and over 3K+ active cases. Since the very beginning, Kansas has assisted thousands of people.

Not only with visa processing, but also to find accommodation and settle in multiple countries.

  • We help you understand the immigration procedures of different countries
  • We help you choose the best country for immigration based on your profile
  • We provide a detailed analysis of each country so you can choose the right one
  • We suggest a suitable visa type for you 
  • Our experts assist you in profile building
  • You get to know about your chances of visa success before investing money in us
  • We take care of all things including document verification and submission
  • You always get to know about changing rules and status of your application

Some Additional Job benefits:

  • It is easy to search for a job with Kansas.
  • We select a few companies for you based on the client’s profile.
  • We arrange interviews and market your resume.
  • Through our resettlement services, you can get settled quickly in a new country.
  • You can contact our support up to 6 months after migration.

You can find us in Jubilee Hills, Begumpet and Somajiguda.

Who is a Visa Consultant?

A visa consultant is an individual or firm that helps people relocate globally. The candidate can smoothly migrate to another country, thanks to their experience.

Some points to remember:

  • Visa consultants are not government authorities.
  • They don’t authorize the visa application themselves.
  • Visa consultants guide you by breaking down complex processes.
  • The consultants act as a bridge between you and governments across the globe. 

Visa consultants are valuable for the immigration process for the following reasons:

  • Expertise
  • Learning Courses
  • Documentation
  • Interview training 
  • Legal Guidance

All these give better chances to get the visa faster. However, the final decision depends on the governing body.

Related FAQs

How to distinguish between the different visas?

There are different types of visa that you can apply for. It depends on your purpose and the time period (in years, months, etc.) you want to stay in a particular country. You can differentiate the various types of visas by knowing their purposes. 

Here are the different visa types:

Visa Type


Students Visa

  • It enables international students to gain access to education for a better career. 
  • The time period (years) differs deciding on the duration of the education course. 
  • Some countries may even extend the visa in lieu of job opportunities.

Travel Visa

  • It is only for people who want to travel a country just for enjoying its beauty and having a vacation. 
  • The visa is given for a specific time period. 
  • No work or business can be done with this visa.

Permanent Residency Visa

  • It offers opportunities for people to settle in another country permanently.
  • Keep in mind that permanent residency visa does not equate to citizenship of that country.

Business Visa

  • It is applicable for business executives, entrepreneurs, and investors. 
  • They can travel to another country for business-related purposes for a specific time period.

Work Visa

  • With this visa, workers can travel to other countries in search of better career prospects.

Family Visa

  • With this visa, an individual can bring his/her family to the county they have migrated to. 
  • Some countries require proof that you can take care of them before consenting to the visa process.

Eligibility Criteria to get a Visa

Though each specific category of visa has a different set of requirements and eligibility criteria, there are some common that fits all of the types.

It is mentioned in the list below:

  • A passport which has a validation for at least three months
  • Individuals with criminal records cannot apply for the visa
  • A specific return reason must be provided (except in the case of permanent residency visa)
  • Must be financially sound to bear all expenses

What are the important documents you need to apply for a visa?

There are some important documents that you need in order to apply for a visa. It is vital to be aware of the documents that you must keep safe and handy. However, the list of documents may vary depending on the type of visa and the country you are applying to.

Related FAQs

How to apply for a visa?

Just follow these steps: 

  • Step 1: Collect all the mandatory documents: These documents include your passport, your address proof, your photographs, education transcripts, etc.
  • Step 2: Select a country you want to migrate to: Depending on your purpose and duration, you should select the country you want to migrate to. Stay updated about the visa process duration about the country you select.
  • Step 3: Look for the right immigration consultant: The right immigration consultant will speed up the process of getting a visa. They will do all the research and the documentation for you.
  • Step 4: Leave the rest up to them: Now, all you need to do is wait for the visa. And you’ll be off to your dream destination.

What is the processing time for a Visa?

There isn’t a definite time frame for getting a visa. Different visas have different requirements. Therefore, the time frame varies.

However, if you were to opt for a Canada PR Visa, it takes about 6-8months.

How can Kansas Help?

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • You need to consider several attributes before choosing a visa and immigration service.
  • Kansas is one of the best visa consultancy firms in Hyderabad.
  • Our immigration agents are well-versed with the visa application process and will provide you with the necessary assistance.
  • There are various factors that you need to consider before choosing a country.
  • There are several documents that are needed for applying for the visa.
  • There is a way out if your visa expires.
  • There are various types of visas.

Did you know? Kansas Overseas now assists you in building your resume in regional languages.

So, does the idea of studying,working or settling in Canada, US, UK, Australia or New Zealand excite you?

What if we told you, we’re just around the corner in Banjara Hills.

Our experts are trained to fulfil your dreams. We offer free consultation for you and your family.

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