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Canada Welcome 2000 candidates through Recent Express Entry under All-Program Draw

Published on : August 2, 2023

The IRCC released the next round of invitations for the 2000 candidates on August 1, 2023. This time, the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System score was 517, the highest of all. However, the Express Entry is for All-Program draw, and qualified applicants from any of the three programs got the invitation.

The Department of Immigration for Canada primarily targets foreign nationals who are qualified to fill a labor market deficit. Canada is quickly rebounding from the covid outbreak conditions and filling the labor gap in all industries since it is the land of international talents and qualified professionals.

What is Express Entry in All-Program Draw?

Express entry is a gateway of the application management system that allows global nationals to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Canada has launched three programs under which the deserving candidate can fit themselves to receive the invitations to apply ( ITA). They are Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class, and the Federal Skilled Trades Programs.

The eligibility is different, and candidates should meet the requirements to receive the ITA. However, Express Entry candidates are evaluated based on human capital factors, including educational qualifications, working experience, professions, English language proficiency, and age.

Further, the profile will be scrutinized under a point-based system to assess your eligibility which will be based on your skills and educational background. The system is called Comprehensive Ranking Score. Your profile score will further decide whether you get entry into the Express Entry pool or not.

However, the minimum CRS will be decided by the Immigration minister. Candidates who meet the minimum score requirements will get an entry to receive the invitations. The maximum CRS score holders will be ahead in the race to get a Permanent Residence visa.

The Good News for Several Professions

This year on May 31, Canada launched a new category-based selection process, which emphasizes more on professionals from several occupations. With the occupational benefits, candidates should meet the minimum CRS score for the further go-ahead process. The new six categories included in the Express Entry pool are:

  • Healthcare
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
  • Small-scale trades such as Carpenters, Plumbers, and Contractors
  • Transport
  • Agriculture & Agri-Food
  • Experienced French-language Proficiency

Canada has undergone an acute labor shortage in the above industries. The country is determined to fill the gap and contribute significantly to its economic growth.

A Quick Overview of the Latest Express Entry Draws

For the last couple of months, the draws have been regular and eligible candidates have received invitations. Let’s have a quick look at the previous Express entry draws, including dates, total number of candidates, and minimum CRS score:


Total Number of Candidates

Minimum CRS score

July 12, 2023

3,800 in Category-based selection for French-language proficient candidates

Minimum score 375

July 11, 2023

800 candidates in All-Program draw

Minimum score 505

July 7, 2023

2,300 invitations in French-language

Minimum score 439

July 6, 2023

1,500 in Category-based selection in Healthcare

Minimum score 463

July 5, 2023

500 in category based, science, technology, engineering, & mathematics

Minimum score 486

July 4, 2023

700 in All-Program draw

Minimum score 511

June 28, 2023

500 in first category-based

Minimum score 476

June 27, 2023

4,300 in All-Program draw

Minimum score 486


The demand for skilled professionals is high in Canada. Besides, the country is in dire need of skilled workers, so the shortage created during the Covid situation can fill the gap and help the economy continue to flourish.

The good news for the dreamers to land in Canada is in the air. It’s the perfect opportunity to test your skill and luck in Canada for permanent settlement. To avail of the invitations to get into the Express Entry pool, you need to assess your profile first. If all the criteria satisfy the requirements, you’ll be eligible to receive the invitations.

Visit Kansas Overseas to evaluate your profile for an Express entry draw!

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