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Latest Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Draws Are Out

Published on : November 10, 2022


Saskatchewan issues the latest draws with periodic invitations that allow applications throughout the year. The applicants of Saskatchewan's Express Entry, Occupations in-demand, and Entrepreneur Stream must submit the expression of interest (EOI) with the application. Applicants must visit Saskatchewan's official online system, known as OASIS.

The selected candidates will receive an invitation to apply for provincial nomination. The approved candidates are eligible to apply for permanent residency.

The following is the latest Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Draw:

Date of invitations to apply


Score of lowest ranked candidate to apply

Total candidates invited to apply

Other considerations

November 8, 2022 

Express Entry 



Invited candidates appeared for Educational Credential Assessments.

All the occupations are not a part of the new selection. The selected and eligible occupations for the EOI on November 8 included these classification numbers: 3122,3143,3215,3216,3234,4151

November 8, 2022 

Occupations in-Demand 



Invited candidates appeared for Educational Credential Assessments.

All the occupations are not a part of the new selection. The selected and eligible occupations for the EOI on November 8 included these classification numbers: 3122,3143,3215,3216,3234,4151

November 8, 2022




Inviting candidates with Ukraine as the country of residence is considered a special measure due to the current conflict.


What is the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program?

Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (SNIP) allows non-Canadian candidates with skilled trade to nominate for permanent residence and work in Saskatchewan. The program aims to cover the labour shortage due to the country's high retirement and low birth rates.

There are different programs under SINP:

  • Saskatchewan experience

This category is for foreign nationals already settled with an occupation in Saskatchewan and holding a valid work permit. There are sub-categories: 1. skilled worker with an existing work permit, 2. semi-skilled agriculture worker with an existing work permit, 3. long haul Truck driver, 4. Students, 5. Hospitality Sector Pilot Project.

  • International skilled worker

The program is to cover Saskatchewan's labour shortage by inviting foreign workers who meet the job market requirements of the specific occupation. The program encompasses the three immigration streams: employment offer, Saskatchewan express entry, and occupation in demand.

  • Business Immigration

This program is for immigrant refugees willing to establish a farming operation in Saskatchewan. It encompasses three immigration streams: farm owner and operator, entrepreneur, and international graduate entrepreneur.

What is an international skilled worker's expression of interest?

An international skilled worker expression of interest is a pre-application that helps you express your interest in applying for SINP and exhibit your eligible qualifications.

The information you submit through EOI is used to determine your eligibility. It helps to determine if your submission is successfully entered into the International Skilled Worker EOI system.

From the International Skilled Worker EOI system, the skilled candidates who are fit for Saskatchewan's job market are selected. The selection also depends on the province, work experience, and language proficiency like factors. The selected candidates will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

How does the EOI system work?

Once you successfully submit an EOI, you will be part of the EOI pool:

  • After entry, your profile will be valid for a year.
  • Candidates are allowed to have only one EOI profile for both Express Entry and Occupations In-Demand
  • Your rank will be determined based on the information you provide
  • The candidates with high ranks will be invited to apply for the SINP
  • Invitations to Apply are processed through the Expression of Internet Draws
  • SINP contacts you by email along with an electronic system
  • After you are invited to apply, you can use the same credentials that you used for EOI
  • If there are any changes in your details, you need to update your profile. It must be accurate all the time.
  • If there is any false information or amiss of essential details, then your application will be rejected.

Saskatchewan Invites 1,146 Skilled Workers in Latest SINP Draw

Saskatchewan invites skilled foreign workers to apply for a Canadian Permanent Residence nomination. On 28 September 2022, Saskatchewan announced a plan to invite another 1146 skilled workers. The province runs Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SNIP) under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Canada. Usually, Saskatchewan releases the draws twice a month. Creating the Express of Interest (EOI) profile is the first step for both Saskatchewan Express Entry or occupations In-Demand categories.

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