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The Student Visa Application Process is continue in Canada

Published on : September 23, 2023

Canada is continuing the visa process for Indian students. The good news brings great relief for many students who already applied for higher studies in Canadian universities and colleges.

There were political tensions between both countries over the controversial issues that affected the diplomatic relationship of these two countries. The Indian visa application center BLS suspended the visa processing, citing the reason as operational issues on September 21, 2023.

Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver centers were affected the most.

Canada remains a soft corner over the future of Indian students and continues the visa processing of the applications. The IRCC official targeted to process 80% of applications with standard service regardless of the nationalities of the applicants.

However, the processing time will take its expected duration, and deserving candidates can receive the study permit.

The Recent Guidelines

Safety and security concerns for both the countries' governments, and it's viable in this recent context. The Indian government urges the students to take safety precautions amid the disturbances.

At the same time, the Canadian government appeals to the Indian students to stay calm and refrain from releasing controversial statements that create fresh trouble.

Thus, both countries reached an agreed point and appealed to Indian students to focus on their studies, aiming for career upliftment.

Canada - A Dream Destination for Studies

Canada remains a dream destination for studies and even permanent residence status for many Indian and global students. Ranked in 11th position in 2023 as per the Global Peace Index, Canada is considered one of the safest countries in terms of safety, security, and comfortable social life.

The Targeted Immigrants in the next couple of Years

Canada aims for 500,000+ PRs in its 2023-2025 Immigration Levels plans, and the IRCC fixes the immigrant approval numbers each year. The next plan will be released by November 1 this year.

However, the country doesn't intend to lower the immigration figure over the recent political dispute.

The bottom line is that Indian students can feel safe and secure in Canada over political turmoil. The immigration officials keep continuing the students' visa processes, keeping in mind the urgency and seriousness of students' future. If you are preparing to obtain higher education in Canada, stick to your plan.

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