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Germany Opportunity Card Points Calculator 2024 (Free)

From June 2024, the Opportunity Card will provide a simpler route for immigrating to Germany. Use our free points calculator now to see if you meet the requirements and score the necessary 6 points.

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Applicants from non-EU countries previously needed a permanent job offer or recognised skilled worker status to work in Germany. The Opportunity Card (“Chancenkarte”) aims to simplify this process. It allows a 12-month stay to job hunt.

Applications can be submitted at the Foreigners’ Registration Office in Germany or the German mission abroad (e.g., the German Embassy).

What is an Opportunity Card?

The Opportunity Card is a new program by Germany starting in June 2024. It aims to attract international talent through a points-based immigration system. This adds another option to existing immigration pathways for qualified non-EU citizens.

It allows you to stay in Germany for up to a year to search for employment. During this time, you'll need to cover your living expenses. But can work part-time in any job until you find full-time employment in your field.

To qualify, you need to meet three basic criteria and earn at least 6 points across 8 categories.

Opportunity Card Points Calculator

The Opportunity Card points calculator assesses eligibility for a points-based visa in Germany. You can still apply through this system even if your qualification isn't recognized. The visa is granted under Section 20a of the Residence Act.

To qualify, you need 6 points. These points rely on factors like work experience, qualifications, age, and language skills. If you meet the criteria, you'll receive a one-year visa to search for a job in Germany. It will later be converted to a "Skilled Worker Visa."

Detailed Points Breakdown

Basic Requirements for Opportunity Card

Direct Qualification:

If a candidate possesses a degree or qualification officially recognised in Germany, they can directly apply for the Opportunity Card or Chacenkarte. For this, they do not need to prove the points-based system requirements. But, they still need to show sufficient financial means to cover living costs in Germany.

Non-European nationals with foreign qualifications fully equivalent to German ones are considered "skilled workers". Further, they can also apply for a Skilled Worker Visa

Through a point based system:

  • Hold a university degree or a vocational qualification with at least 2 years of vocational training (recognized in your country of origin).
  • Pass a language test at B2 level in English or A1 level in German.
  • Show the ability to support yourself financially in Germany. This is either through a blocked bank account with a minimum of €11,208 (INR 100,9894.60) per person, a "Statement of Declaration" from a financially capable sponsor in Germany, or a part-time job offer (20 hours per week) from Germany.

Difference Between Opportunity Card vs. Jobseeker Visa


Opportunity Card

Jobseeker Visa

Implementation Status

New Visa Option

The existing type of visa

German Language Proficiency

Might be required (depending on eligibility)

Not required


12 months, extendable under certain circumstances

6 months


Degree holders and professionals with 3+ years of experience

Highly skilled professionals with 5+ years of experience

Age Restriction

No specified age restriction

Theoretically none

Employer Responses

Not required before applying

Positive responses needed from German employers

Allotment Limit

The limited number allotted per year

No official information on the annual allotment

Employment Restrictions

Allows part-time work (up to 30 hours/week)

It doesn't permit part-time work

Points Distribution for Opportunity Card


Points Awarded

Basic Requirements


Partial Recognition of Foreign Qualification or Regulated Profession


Five Years of Professional Experience or B2 Level German


Two Years of Professional Experience or B1 Level German (if under 35)


Age under 40 or Previous Stay in Germany (at least six months)


Very Good English (C1), Reasonable German (A2), Vocational Training in Labor Shortage Area, or Applying with Spouse



Germany Needs 400000 Skilled Foreign Workers a Year

Benefits of Opportunity Card

Difference between Opportunity Card vs. Blue Card


Opportunity Card

Blue Card


Travel to Germany for a job search

Obtain after securing a job in Germany/Europe


Only within Germany

Valid throughout Europe

Application Location

Applied from home country (e.g., India)

Applied in Germany after arrival on an Employment visa

Minimum Salary Requirement

Not required

Mandatory minimum salary requirement

Prior Stay or Language

Prior stay or knowledge of German may help

Usually not required for Blue Card application

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Required Documents for Visa Application

To apply for the Opportunity Card, you need to submit essential documents. It is a must to satisfy the visa officer and ensure your application's approval.

Opportunity Card Visa Fee (Cost of Application)

The visa fee for the Opportunity Card is €75 (INR 6,757.86), payable in your local currency at the German embassy. Online visa application submission is not available. However, some embassies offer an online application form that applicants can fill out and print.

On reaching Germany, you must get your Opportunity Card from the Foreign Authorities. It may entail an additional €100 (INR 9,010.48) fee. Once you secure a suitable job aligned with your qualifications, you can transition your visa to a residence permit for skilled workers.

Application Process for Opportunity Card

  • Apply at the competent German mission abroad in your country of origin.
  • Fill out the application form and ensure you have a valid passport.
  • Provide proof of education, language skills, previous stays, etc.
  • Show sufficient financial means. It includes an employment contract for a part-time job (up to 20 hours per week).
  • Consider registering for the newsletter if interested in available part-time jobs.
  • The responsible authority evaluates your application based on the points system.
  • Carry appropriate proof of qualifications (employment references, certificates) during the application process.
  • If you've lived in Germany previously, provide evidence of residence. You can do so through rental contracts, employment contracts, utility bills, etc.

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