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UK-India Scheme To Soon Welcome 3,000 Graduates

Published on : January 17, 2023


The Young Professionals Scheme (YPS) is ready to permit 3,000 graduates to work, study and live in the UK. The scheme aims to create a peaceful global workplace and ensure a secure travelling experience and non-discriminatory treatment, said Indian High Commissioner. Likewise, the British people can live in India for a short duration. The scheme is to launch in February 2023.

In May 2021, the Minister of External Affairs, Jayashankar and the UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel, signed a memorandum, "Migration and Mobility Partnership," in Delhi. YPS was one of the main attributes of the memorandum.

According to the latest YPS, 3,000 Indian nationals aged 18-30 can live and work in the UK for two years without a job letter or a sponsor. This scheme will not allow Indians to avail of the state benefits, and the visa cannot be extended beyond the given validity period. Foreign nationals in the UK, necessarily, do not have to go to a University to study or work. Instead, they can pursue their interests or explore opportunities.

There is a financial criterion for candidates applying for YPS - it is mandatory to maintain and show £2,530 (approximately INR 2,50,000) in the bank account. Another criterion of the Young Professionals Scheme is not to bring children below 18 or dependent children with them to live in the UK. The successful applicants will not have access to state public funds. The selection of candidates for the Young Professionals Scheme will be through a ballot.

The UK Mobility Scheme implements a two-tier system- applicants. Applicants from Australia (30,000 places), Canada (6,000), New Zealand (13,000), San Mario (1000) and Iceland (1000) are eligible to apply directly for a visa. Meanwhile, applicants from Japan (1500), South Korea (1000), Hong Kong (1000), Taiwan (1000) and India (3000) are allowed to apply through a ballot only and not directly. Keeping India's population in India, the scheme is anticipating many applicants from India. 

The officials of the Indian High Commission said that the effective date, eligibility checklist and application procedure will be published shortly. The UK government advises graduates to refrain from entering the ballot through the official Young Professionals Scheme application website. The ballot for Indians is yet to be opened.

The High Commissioner, Vikram Doraiswami, said the scheme would be "up and running in March. He also noted that there are certain processes to be completed before March. He added, "it is conditional on everything being put in place. So we don't want to formally announce a date until we are 100% certain."

In 2022, UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman Commented on Immigration

Suella Braverman planned to reduce the UK immigration flow and restrict migrants into a few categories. In an interview with The Sun, she stated that the UK has many low-skilled migrants, many international students and more dependents. UK Home Secretary Suella said, "the immigrants are working in low-skilled jobs and not contributing to the country's economy".

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