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Permanent Residence Visa

Applying for permanent residency in Canada isn’t that difficult as it seems, since Canada is a country that is the most ideal when it comes to attaining a visa.

The reason being the not so harsh policies for immigration, higher rate in employment and the country makes for the perfect settlement place if you’re planning to live and work there permanently.

The Canadian government has its door open for many opportunities for immigrants from all around the world.

The Canada Express Entry Program makes a pathway for all the skilled migrants who are willing to work and stay in Canada on a permanent basis.

Gaining permanent residency status in Canada is a win-win situation for both the overall economy of Canada and the skilled worker as well.

When thousands of immigrants migrate to Canada, it fills in the employment gaps in the Canadian labour market as well as helps the skilled immigrant to settle there and start a new beginning.

How to apply for Canada permanent visa online 2020?

A land of thousands of opportunities for the visa applicants, Canada invites more and more people each year for migration to the country.

Each year almost 280,000 people migrate to Canada in search of job opportunities and to reside. You too can receive the permanent visa of Canada just like many other people who immigrate there.

A Canadian permanent resident is a person who is given that status when he/she immigrates to the country. However, gaining the permanent residency doesn’t give them the status of being a Canadian citizen.

If you are a permanent resident of Canada, you do not get the citizenship rights of the country you directly. You first gain the permanent resident status and then the citizenship.

If you are a Canadian permanent resident, you get benefitted from so many opportunities just like any other person who has permanent residency.

When you have the permanent residency card, you can study, work and live in Canada permanently. When you are issued with the PR Card, you get the validity for 5 years. However, you can also renew it once it gets expired.

To apply for Canada permanent visa is not difficult when you are aware of the different ways in which you can get the PR Card. It is an online procedure that needs to be carried out with attention and understanding the different ways in which you get attain the permanent residence permit.

There are many ways, or rather immigration categories which you need to consider before you think of applying for the permanent visa.

Each of these Canada PR categories has its own terms and conditions that you need to check. Also, the eligibility criteria and visa requirements differ from one category to another.

The five different categories through which you can get the permanent residency of Canada are as follows:

  1. Canada Express Entry
  2. Family Class Immigration
  3. Business Immigration
  4. Provincial Nominee Program
  5. Canadian Experience Class

One of the services of Kansas Overseas Careers is to help you choose the right visa category based on your migration plans and your profile.

We will ensure that we suggest you options that gets your profile selected faster and there are no hindrances in immigration process. All this is done under the guidance of an independent IRCC consultant.

Who can apply for the permanent resident status?

Now that you know who is a permanent resident, you have to know that availing the Canada permanent resident status is only possible to those who are eligible and have traits Canada is looking for uplifting its economy.

Anyone possessing required skills are eligible to settle in Canada provided they meet the eligibility criteria. Just check for the suitable program for immigration to Canada you are eligible for, like Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Program and start the visa application process accordingly.

If you are already settled in Canada on temporary visa, you can consider citizenship and immigration of your spouse or any other family member so that they can stay with you as well.

In both cases, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits on permanent residence visa:

  1. You will receive many social as well as healthcare benefits just like any other Canadian citizen.
  2. You can study, live and work anywhere you wish to in the entire country.
  3. Once your residential period is over, you get the eligibility to apply for the Canada citizenship.
  4. You get the overall protection under the Canada Charter of Freedom and Rights and also the Canadian laws.

However, on getting the permanent residency status, you have to abide by the Canadian rules of taxation by paying all the necessary taxes.

You must also show respect towards all the municipal, provincial and federal laws of Canada.

How to navigate the complicated Canada PR process?

The Canada PR procedure isn’t that complicated as it seems, but you must take care of all the visa requirements while applying. You need to apply for PR carefully and we are here to help you out to get you the Canadian permanent residency.

Keep reading to find out more on the process and it will ease out your navigation.

PR process through Express Entry Program:

  • The first and foremost thing you need to get is an ECA or Educational Credential Assessment report from a renowned authority such as WES.

    Check the National Occupational Classification or NOC list and decide for which occupation you would like to apply based on your skill level amongst the occupations list. There are many levels such as Skill 0, A, B, C, etc.

  • An Immigration Pool is then conducted to get the Canada PR through the Express Entry Program. To be eligible for the pool, all you have to do is create your Express Entry profile.
  • It is also recommended that you finish your registration with that specific job bank via your job match account.

    You can also use this account to search for several job options since it makes for a great pathway for all applicants in navigating their respective Canadian professional career.

  • If you are a skilled worker, you are to be considered in any of these following categories:
    1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
    2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
    3. Canadian Experience Class
  • Once you are done with creating your Express Entry profile, your PR application is considered in the Express Entry pool.
  • A Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS will determine the number of points you score based on many different factors.

    The more points you score, the more are your chances of getting selected to be invited for the application process of Canada permanent residence permit.

  • In case your application gets selected, you are given a time span of 90 days for submitting all your documents online.

PR process via Provincial Nominee Program:

The Provincial Nominee program is yet another way in which you can get the Canada PR status in a state or province.

Different Canadian provinces have different eligibility requirements that the candidate has to meet in order to get selected for the Canadian visa.

These eligibility criteria vary from age, education, work experience, English language proficiency, and adaptability.

You need to decide the province in which you wish to settle and check for its eligibility to apply. Once you are done checking the requirements, make sure that you are meeting those to be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

Qualification for getting the PR Visa has variations amongst different states and it is essential for you to check if you meet them or not.

Before you apply for the Provincial Nominee program, make sure that you go through the employer nomination scheme.

You must receive an employer nomination from the Canadian province that is willing to invite you for the visa application process.

You can get assistance from our migration agent to check for your eligibility.

After selecting the program, follow these steps for the application procedure of Canada PR Visa:

  1. English language proficiency is a must before you apply for the Canada Pr Visa. And to do so, you must take the IELTS exam which determines your score based on which your eligibility is decided.

    A minimum score required for that particular province has to be availed by you in the examination to qualify for the visa application.

  2. Take up an assessment of your profile prior to your application process via an immigration expert. You can contact a reputed consultancy firm and they will take care of your profile assessment.
  3. Start with your procedure for the visa application either through the Express Entry or through Provincial Nominee Program.
  4. Make sure that you meet all the eligibility requirements and gather all the related documents such as for your educational qualifications, work experience, etc.
  5. Show it to the Canadian immigration authorities that you have sufficient proof of funds in order to settle in Canada.
  6. Get your medical check up and police verification done.
  7. Once your application is selected, send your passport for stamping.

For any other Canadian immigration doubts contact our skilled migration experts and they will get back to you to solve them all.