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Best Canada PR consultant in Mumbai (in 2020)

Are you planning to migrate to Canada from Mumbai? Canada's immigration process seems easy but has its challenges.

Sometimes, the lack of proper knowledge of the process may also end your hopes of immigration. Hence, approaching the best Canada PR consultant is something you must consider right away.

Which consultancy is best for Canada PR?

Almost in every area of Mumbai, you may find a couple of immigration consultancy services. Choosing the best one will always keep your process in safe hands and leads you towards success.

You may have the below questions:

  • How to find the best immigration consultant in Mumbai?
  • How to understand which is the best immigration consultant in Mumbai for your Canada PR process?

Well, here's your answer, Kansas Overseas Careers.

Why is Kansas Overseas the best in making Canada PR successful?

Kansas Overseas Careers is one of the most renowned and recognized immigration company in India. Having headquartered in Hyderabad, and branches in Bangalore, Vizag, and Chennai, Kansas Overseas now pride to expand its services in Mumbai.

On special demand and for the ease of Mumbaikars, Kansas Overseas Careers has established its consultant office in Mumbai. The below are our records so far in Canada immigration:

  • We have a consistent track record of 98% visa success, our original product being Canada immigration.
  • We have processed over 1500 immigration visas, and our role has been significant in helping thousands of Indian professionals (and families) settle in Canada, stress-free.

Why is Hiring Canada Immigration Consultant Important?

5 Reasons to Hire Immigration Consultants

Your plans to migrate to Canada will succeed smoothly only if you have the support of a consultant helping you with your process.

This is not something we are saying, but hundreds of immigrants who have migrated to Canada have told it.

According to our internal research, every 4 out of 5 people applying for a visa to Canada approach our consultancy after they have spent both time and money on the process, and nothing worked for them.

Hence, hiring an immigration consultant, especially for Canada permanent residency process is essential.

What do the Immigration consultants do?

The following shows you what exactly the immigration consultants do:

  1. Canada immigration experts and case managers are well-aware of the immigration laws and procedures.
  2. When you hire a Canada immigration consultant for your visa process, you hire an expert who has practically worked on cases and provided reliable solutions that lead to success.
  3. Consultation is the prime aspect of the Canadian immigration process. Unless you are not thorough with the details of the process before you start, you cannot get your Canada PR visa processed smoothly.

Hence, hiring an immigration consultant will take you through the stage of consultation smoothly.

What are the key aspects in which the consultants help Canada PR applicant?

Immigration consultants go through the following procedures to assist you to get Canada PR successfully:

  • They evaluate you based on your eligibilities.
  • They will explain you how the points are allotted and calculated
  • Checks where your occupation comes in National Occupational Classification (NOC)
  • Follow up the job portals and try to get you job with a Canadian company
  • Will give you details about the costs that incur during your processing
  • Will give you clarity regarding time taken for your PR approval based on your CRS point
  • PR consultants often provide this consultation at no cost. While it is always better to opt for an in-person consultation, you can also seek consultation over the telephone.
  • Immigration consultants exactly know what your application must represent to meet maximum impressions and quicker success
  • Also, the immigration consultant checks whether the information you have detailed out supports the documents you have submitted.
  • Imagine you missing out on a single document and waiting for months to get your visa. Then, you suddenly get a notification of visa rejection. One slight mistake can ruin the entire process. Immigration consultants understand this well.

    Therefore, any activity that arises to the risk of rejection is thoroughly avoided and advised to avoid by consultants.

  • Immigration consultants understand that immigration is not just a journey but a life-changing experience.

To make this experience wonderful for you, additional services are offered by trusted immigration consultants (whose prime motto is easy immigration).

"Kansas Overseas Careers offers a 360-degree immigration service. This covers everything about visa, job search, accommodation search and helps in Canada at the local level."

What is the benefit of using an immigration consultant for immigration to Canada?

The major benefits of using a consultant for immigration are:

  1. Perfect and timely submission of documents: Canada immigration authorities will reject applications that do not have the correct information. Also, if you miss submitting any documents along with your application, your visa may be rejected.

    Canada PR Consultants in Mumbai eliminate this risk of rejection by thoroughly verifying your documents before submission.

  2. Works directly with ICCRC agents: Authorized immigration consultants in Mumbai carry this procedure with the assistance of an ICCRC agent. This agent is certified by the Canadian Immigration Department and has full rights to process Canada visas.
  3. Saves time, money and efforts: Another equally important benefit of Canada PR consultants is they save your time, effort and money, which otherwise is wasted by applying for a visa on your own.
  4. Thorough immigration knowledge: Many Canadian immigration applicants complain that their lack of knowledge prolongs the process and sometimes wastes their money too. This can be avoided by hiring an immigration consultant as they will have extensive knowledge about everything.

Therefore, approaching a Canada PR consultant before starting the immigration process can keep you safe from many risks.

How can you apply for PR from Mumbai to Canada?

To apply for PR from Mumbai to Canada, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Approach our consultant for a thorough consultation
  • Check your points and eligibility through our Internal Evaluation Service
  • Select a visa program from Express Entry (that suits your profile)
  • Sign up for the selected visa process under mutually agreed terms of service
  • Arrange all sealed transcripts from Universities (you have attended) and submit for Educational Credential Assessment
  • Help our case manager with all your details to create an online Express Entry form (Expression of Interest)
  • Strive and improve CRS (if required) as per the score of latest Express Entry Draw
  • Receive Invitation to Apply and complete final application within 60 days
  • Simultaneously, you are required to undergo medicals, obtain PCC and make fee payment with the application
  • On visa approval, go to nearest Embassy for passport stamping

Eager to kick-start your process? Visit our office to check your eligibility and get further details. Schedule your appointment by calling us toll-free on 1800-102-0109 or write to us on info@kansaz.com