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Ontario And Saskatchewan Add 400,000 Canadian Jobs

Published on : November 28, 2022


With a growing labour shortage, Canada has now posted 994,800 open jobs. The healthcare sector has the highest vacancy of 159,500 jobs today.

Canada has added 9,94,800 jobs to the market as per the September 2022 records. Four hundred thousand jobs are in the Canadian Provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan. This is a record high!

Why so many jobs?

The massive addition of job vacancies is due to an acute labour shortage. Canada has more employees leaving jobs compared to taking them up. This is due to many near-retirement people occupying the job field. 

Additionally, Canada's low fertility and falling birth rates have added to this. No one is available to fill the jobs that the older professionals are leaving. This is the gap in the availability of employable people in Canada. 

Due to COVID-19, many professionals got displaced, and mortality rates were also high. Shifting factors like age, gender and employability are also highlighted as triggers. 

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What is the government doing to deal with the shortage? 

"We cannot maximize our economic potential if we don't embrace immigration."- Canadian Immigration minister Sean Fraser

Canadian Companies are now hiring temporary foreign workers to fill vacant jobs. They are hiring 30% of their workforce under Canada's new foreign-national worker scheme. 

Job vacancies are increasing compared to the number of employable Canadian citizens. Hence the country seeks eligible foreign professionals to fill the vacancies. 

Thus, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are welcoming of immigrants. They hope to fill these vacant jobs by getting immigrants to work in Canada as skilled workers.

The Canadian government is taking strict measures to combat the labour shortage. The first step has been opening the job market to the whole world. 

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What are the job openings in Canada right now?

Here are the five sectors with the most job vacancies in Canada as of November 2022:

  • Health Care and Social Help: This sector has the highest vacancies. Acute shortage of medical experts due to displacement in the pandemic is the cause. As of now, 159,500 new postsare available.
  • Accommodation and Food Services: 152,400 new jobs are available.
  • Retail Trade: This sector will grow with more job vacancies. Currently, there are 117,300 open positions.
  • Professional Scientific and Technical Services: A cumulative 61,900 job vacancies are open.
  • Manufacturing: A total of 76,000 job vacancies are available.

All the numbers and figures mentioned here are as per official reports. 

Are there any signs of economic improvement?

Yes. As of now, the number of employees receiving pay from their employers has shot up. Provinces of Alberta, Quebec and British Columbia show the highest increase in payroll.

An increase in payroll employment is a sure sign of good health in business and industry.

Payroll increased engagement by 0.5% in September.

Healthcare and social assistance went up by 20,700 employees. Accommodation and food services went up by 8,400 employees. Finally, Retail Trade is up with 8,200 new employees;

These three sectors have also shown signs of business improvement in terms of increase in - 

  • Hiring activities, 
  • Number of hired people, and
  • Values of goods and services.

All-in-all Canada will be back to pre-pandemic efficiency very soon.

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