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Difference between PR Visa and Work Permit

With our own independent analysis, we found that most of the aspirants who want to move to foreign country, specially countries like Canada, Australia, US like to move on a “Work Permit”, which is assumed to be safer and cheaper option than “Permanent Residence” Visa.

But a further study may reflect that “Permanent Residence” visa is a far more feasible option than a Work Permit in a longer run. Basically its “Freedom”(PR Visa) v/s Security(work permit). Kansas has list few points which might be worth considering before take a decision to relocate.

5 Differences and 1 Similarity

  Permanent Residence Work Permit
Type Independent Visa Employer sponsor visa
  • Australia Skilled Independent Visa
  • Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa
  • Denmark Green Card Visa
  • H1B Visa (US)
  • L1 Visa (US)
  • E-Pass (Singapore)
Duration 1-5years,can be converted into citizenship Depends On Employer, yet a long stay can help in getting citizenship
Relocation with Family Yes, can relocate with family Depends On Employer
Change of Employer Yes, the right to change job is applicable on Visa No, a new employer needs to provide a fresh sponsorship letter
Spouse can work? Yes No
Family benefits Yes, most countries provide free health and education benefits etc on this Visa No
Right to move into other cities? Yes, most PR visa gives right live into any part of the Country No, unless employer wants to.
Preference given by an employer Right Skills sets + PR visa, gives highest chances of getting a job The last to be preferred, largely because of expenditure and long formalities to hire an employee of different nationality.
Expenditures 50,000INR-2,50,000INR None, unless ask by agents.(normally ask between 4-7lakhs)
Possibilities of obtaining the Visa? 0% or 100% depending on the eligibility factors, set by the respective embassy Very rare in highly developed /English Speaking countries, unless its intra-transfer company

*Please note that Kansas assist only with obtaining PR visa.

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