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5 Simple Steps to Apply for B1 Visa from India

If you are moving to United States for a tour or vacation, you will require a visit visa. But, what if you want to visit United States for the purpose of visit? Not many candidates are aware that you will have to obtain a separate non-immigrant visa which is named as the B1 Visa for all your business purpose visits.

The United States, besides being an employment hub, it is a popular destination for business owners and entrepreneurs. As the nation has top companies with branches spread worldwide, it has businessmen travelling to and fro from the country for business purposes.

The B1 Visa is making the travel a lot easier for such candidates. Businesspersons are able to eliminate the hassles of online meetings and have a more personalized interaction since the introduction of the B1 Visa.

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5 Simple Steps to Apply for B1 Visa from India

What is B1 visa USA?

A B1 Visa is a non-immigrant temporary resident visa granted to candidates aspiring to visit the United States for business purpose.

The major benefit of a B1 visa is that you (as a businessperson) can develop business associations with the US companies and visit United States as and when it is necessary for your business.

There is no cap to apply for this visa nor there is any rule as to how many times this visa is to be applied each year.

When you can apply for a B1 Visa?

You can apply for the B1 Visa under the following circumstances:

  • When you are required to consult your business associates in the United States.
  • When you have to meet a company or business to negotiate a contract or sign a deal.
  • When you have to participate in any short-term training program that is related to your business.
  • When you have to settle estates.
  • When you have to attend conferences, seminars, business events, professional meetings, etc.
  • When you have to visit United States for the purpose of your business research, planning or development.

Besides these, you can apply for a B1 visas when you have to:

  • solicit sales and investment in the US,
  • interview or hire staff,
  • represent a business (as speaker or lecturer),
  • visit US factories or labs for your business purpose,
  • shop for your business,
  • attend board or annual meeting,
  • perform services on behalf of a foreign national employer such as trainer,
  • in cases of litigating etc.

What are the obligations to apply for a B1 Visa?

While there are no stringent rules of applying for B1 visa, you are required to meet several obligations before you can obtain your B1 Visa. These are as follows:

  • You meet all the norms of visiting the United States. This means that you are neither a threat nor a burden to the country. You must not have any criminal record.
  • You have a residence outside the United States. You are not planning to move to the country with any aim of abandoning your home country or absconding it.
  • You intend to move to the United States for a specific period of time only.
  • The purpose of your visit to United States is business related and legitimate in nature.
  • You are financial sound and ready with resources to manage your trip and expenses in the United States. You must not be financial burden to the economy of the United States.

Note: Citizens of several countries (who are entitled to travel to US for 90 days under the visa waiver program) may not require a B1 visa.

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How to apply for B1 Visa from India?

The process to apply for a B1 Visa from India is simple and can be completed in quick time, provided that you submit all documents within the earliest possible time.

How to apply for B1 Visa from India?
  1. Fill Form DS-160
  2. Pay Visa Fees
  3. Book Visa Interview
  4. Arrange Required Documents
  5. Attend Interview and Submit Documents

“DS-160 is a fully integrated online application created for the ease applying for a non-immigrant visa. After the details are filled, this form will be submitted electronically to the Department of State.”

What are the documents required for confirmation of B1 Visa?

To get your B1 visa approved, you will need the following documents (in their most authentic and trusted format).

If you are self-employed, you will need:

  • Valid passport
  • Form DS-160 confirmation page
  • Identity documents
  • Proof of income and funds
  • Visa application fee receipt
  • Visa interview appointment letter
  • Business card (if any)
  • Company’s financial documents (like financial records, tax papers, advertisement of company, source of funds, etc.)

If you are visiting the company on behalf of a company (as its employee), you will also need letter from your employer requesting the consulate to issue the visa. Details like your purpose of visit, length of stay, company’s intent to bear all expenses related to trip etc. must also be mentioned.

Similarly, if you want to visit the States for the purpose of attending any professional seminar, conference or related event, you must also submit the invite letter or any document related to the event (like printed brochure, online/offline printed so as to prove your registration in the specified event).

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Top 10 Questions Asked By Businessmen when Applying for B1 Visa:

1. How long can you stay in US with B1 Visa?

You will be allowed to stay in US with B1 visa for a period of 6 months.

2. How much does B1 Visa cost?

You will asked to pay visa fee of $160. If you are hiring a US B-1 visa consultant in India to help you with the process, the service fee of the visa agent may be included.

3. Can I work in US with B1 Visa?

No. You cannot work in the US with B1 Visa. For doing so, you will have to apply for a separate H1B non-immigrant visa after proving your eligibility. In fact, you will also have a US company file a non-immigrant worker petition (Form I-129) for you as beneficiary.

4. Can I use B1 visa for tourism?

This may not be possible as the visa application condition demands your purpose of visit, wherein you will have to prove that you are visiting the US for business purpose only.

5. Can I start a business on B1 Visa?

You may sign up for a stake in a US based company while on this visa but there are several restrictions when it comes to gaining business set-up authorization. B1 visa in real sense is only valid until you are not making any money out of it.

6. Can I take my family to us on B1 Visa?

Generally, B1 visa is used for business purposes only. You are allowed to take your family while doing so, but will need to apply for a separate visa (dependent tourist visa).

7. Do I have to attend visa interview for B1 Visa?

Yes. You are required to attend a visa interview with the consulate for B1 Visa.

8. How can I convert my B1 Visa to work visa?

You can apply for a change of status “COS” from B1 visa to a H1B non-immigrant worker which indicates your intention for an extension of stay. This must be done before your B1 visa expires. Also, you need to meet several conditions of the application. To get complete details, speak to our US worker visa consultant in India.

9. What is the difference between B1 and B2 Visa?

While both the visas as temporary visas and non-immigrant visas, B1 and B2 visas are used for different purposes. B1 visa is used to visit the US only for business purpose the B2 visa must be applied for pleasure (tourism) purpose. This is more a generic visitor visa.

10. How does it take to process the B1 Visa?

The approximate processing time of a B1 visa is 1-4 weeks. This time may increase based upon your visa interview date.

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