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Best Canada Immigration Consultants in India

Y Sindhura

Operations Manager

With 8 years of experience in the overseas division, Sindhura is a specialist in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany visa process.

Immigration to Canada from India is a simple process. However, even a slightest error can result in visa rejection, loss of both time and money.

So, how to make sure you are safe from rejection?

Approach an immigration consultant.

Best Immigration Consultants in India

“An immigration consultant is a professional who has complete knowledge of immigration policies and acquires professional training to process visas.

While some immigration consultants are certified, some work under the guidance of an authorized consultant.”

Immigration consulting has become more of a service in this era. This is because a huge population of India wants to settle abroad but is clueless about how to proceed.

People are not aware of the complete procedure, documentation and several related.

This is when the need of an immigration consultant arises. Immigration consultants in India not only help in migration process but also take care of aspects that make their moving abroad experience worth it.

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5 Benefits of Approaching an Immigration Consultant

5 Benefits of Approaching an Immigration Consultant

Easier Process: The process does not change when you approach an immigration consultant but the pattern does change. When you are applying for a visa as a skilled worker (on your own), you may find many hurdles.

You may difficulties in finding out if you are eligible, the documents required, how to pay fee and so much more.

But, when you have an immigration consultant by your side, every information is given to you even without you asking for it or you making an effort to find it out.

This information is tested and trusted. This cuts down on your stress of researching for information and makes your process easier.

Education and Informed: When you apply for your visa on your own it is very rare that you are updated about the latest immigration news or changes that are made to the immigration laws. This lack of knowledge often risks your immigration process.

Immigration consultants are educated and well-informed about any changes in immigration policies. Before these changes can affect your process, they keep you warned and suggest you with alternative solutions.

No Risk of Rejection: Unverified documents result to visa rejection. This happens mostly when you have no one to verify the requirements of the documents required.

Immigration consultants in India are associated with ICCRC agents. They ensure that no application is passed to submission before there is a thorough verification conducted. Hence, this results to very minimal chances of rejection.

Verified and Trusted Process: As stated above, along with verified documents, immigration consultants ensure that every step of the process is completed under trusted guidance.

Saves Money: When you process your Canada immigration visa in assistance of immigration consultants, you get a detailed structure of the costs involved. Immigration consultants ensure that the amount is paid by you within the proposed deadlines.

On the other hand, when you process your visa by yourself, there is a huge confusion in terms of costs.

Successful immigrants often review that understanding cost of each stage and paying fees on time is one the biggest challenges of applying for visa by self.

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What Factors to Look for in Best Immigration Consultancy in India?

Though immigration consultants are very beneficial for you during your Canada immigration, you have to be very particular while choosing the best immigration consultant.

With the rise in immigration from India to Canada, there is an increase in the number of Cimmigration consultants for Canada. So, how to make the best choice?

Consider these factors to choose the right one:

  • Consultant must be directly or independently associated with ICCRC.
  • Check out the success rate of the visa process.
  • Services provided must be detailed out to you clearly before sign up.
  • Feasible option to choose the service must be provided.
  • Transparent and mutually agreed terms of service must be followed.
  • All costs must be clearly discussed before application.
  • Thorough assistance from start-to-finish must be provided.

Which is the Best Immigration Consultancy in India?

Kansas Overseas Careers is one the top rated immigration consultant in India. We are known to be best in our services primarily because of our strong clientele record.

We have a proven track record of processing over thousands of visas for various countries. We are not limited to processing just one type of visa.

Based on your profile, we suggest you the best option that takes you to Canada faster and stress-free.

Why us:

“Kansas Overseas Careers works with an independent ICCRC agent on all applications of Canada immigration. For our trusted services, we have also been recognized among Top 10 Promising Immigration Consultants in India by Silicon India.”

What are the Core Services that Best Immigration Company in India Offers?

One of the main reasons of why it is easy to migrate to Canada with Kansas is that we offer services beyond visas.

Having been as a prime immigration consultant in India for Canada immigration and process over 1500+ immigration visas, we have become the most trusted and referred visa service company.

Clients who approach us are mostly referrals. As per the immigration consultant reviews of Kansas Overseas Careers, most of clients refer us for the fact that we take care about everything related to your immigration process.

At Kansas Overseas Careers, immigration is not only about getting the right visa. It is about moving to Canada with all best support and everything that helps you settle easily in the nation.

As the best immigration consultant in India, we offer the following core services:

  • Profile Assessment
  • Evaluation of Points and NOC Code
  • Assistance in WES Application
  • Visa Application (post verification of documents)
  • Assistance in after ITA formalities
  • Resume Writing and CV Preparation
  • Job Search Assistance Service
  • IELTS Preparation Training (Material)
  • Rental Housing Search Help (support upto 6 months after immigration)
  • Post Landing Assistance

These services are applicable to primary applicant. On special demand, we also offer these services to spouse.

Along with these services, we also assist in PNP Application and process. This is done considering your eligibility for any provincial nominee program. If you have chances to receive a provincial nomination, our team of experts suggest this service to you.

This increases your chances of obtaining a PR visa faster.

How Much Do Immigration Consultants Charge for Immigration Process?

Immigration consultants charge a reasonable amount for the immigration service they offer. This charge is generally collected as the service charge paid for the time and effort put into making your process as a success.

At Kansas Overseas Careers, we work in a pay-as-you-choose fee model. This means that you can choose your own package as per the services you would want to opt for. These services and packages can be best explained to you by our consultant.

While the consultancy charges vary from agent to agent, there are several fixed costs that you are required to pay to the Canada immigration authorities. These costs are well-explained in the below table:

Charges Amount INR
IELTS Test Fee 12,700
ECA 21,000
PR fees 28,000
Spouse/common law partner 28,000
Dependent Child 5,0000
Right of PR fee 25,000
Medical Test 5,500
PCC fee 5000-8000
Note: These are approximate values converted from Canadian Dollars to Indian National Rupees for your ease of understand.

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