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Anusha stands out for in-depth knowledge of Canada, UK and Australia visa process. With 7+years of experience, she adds a lot of worth to the team.

Best Canada PR Consultant In India

Are you getting confused about choosing a good immigration consultancy? To help you get that prized Canadian visa? Or do you think you can do it all on your own? Whatever it be. Read on to find precisely why you need to hire. An authorized Canadian Immigration Consultant. And how you can choose one.

Before jumping towards selecting the best consultancy service. You should check out why you need the assistance. And how you can choose them. To boost your chances of migrating to your dreamland.

How Can Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants Assist You?

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants or RCIC are members in good standing. Who is legally authorized by the Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council or ICCRC. These members are approved by the Canadian government. To help applicants apply for a Canadian visa against a separate fee. 

It's advisable to only ask for professional assistance from RCIC. Because they are authorized by ICCRC. And have relevant knowledge as well as experience. You'd not have to worry about getting scammed. When you're opting to take your Canada visa consultation through an RCIC. 

Here we discuss a few ways. In which authorized Canadian certified immigration consultants would assist you. To get a Canada Permanent Resident visa:

RCIC Understand Canada's Immigration System: The registered or authorized consultants of the ICCRC are always up to date. With the Canadian immigration service's system of granting visas. They'll let you know the latest documentation requirements. ICCRC score, and more through their first-hand knowledge. Of the immigration Canada system.

Because of their professional and intimate knowledge. Of the Canadian immigration system. RCIC is well placed to advise you on which visa you are eligible to apply. And which program you might not be suited to.

RCIC has a License from the Authorities: Gaining an RCIC license is no mean job. It takes rigorous training, knowledge, and experience. Along with a trustworthy reputation. To get the RCIC license. Since these professionals have to renew their licenses yearly or so. They have to be up to date with all the latest developments in the immigration system.

RCICs at Kansas Overseas work under a stringent code of conduct. And have to abide by them. The principle of conduct is only made to ensure that the clients or immigrants get the best of consultancy. And continuous professional guidance. 

RCICs also have good relationships with the members of the authorities. And the work permit with the immigration department. To ensure your best interests.

RCIC Helps Avoid Mistakes & Handles Your Application with Aplomb: Trying to contact the embassy or consulate directly is time-consuming. And an exhaustive process. The process is long and complicated. And nothing is served in a cup of tea. But when you work with a Regulated Canada's immigration Consultant. You don't have to worry about hours of research.

RCIC ensures your application is filled in the best way possible. Moreover, they have a way with the authorities. And know just what they need for the application to get approved. It not only increases your chances of getting Permanent and Immigrant Citizenship. But also saves you a lot of time and stress.

They Can Offer a Personalized Strategy Based on Your Profile: The vast knowledge of the Canadian immigration system. Combined with years of work experience. Makes the RCIC a good advisor. As well as a strategist. Based on your profile. They can guide you through a strategy. That gives you the best chance of getting a Canadian visa.

They'll also give you a detailed overview of the time. The process will take and how you can accelerate it. Clarity is much vaunted in the visa application process. Because so much is at stake. And having an RCIC at your service helps you attain just that.

Good RCICs Would Broaden Your Options of Immigration Matters: From job workers to single parents to students. An RCIC has helped them all get Permanent Citizenship in Canada. So, they know it all. And can suggest the option to immigrate to Canada. That you might not have previously thought of. Having a host of options at your disposal can help. You choose the better path that is tailored just for you.

Hiring a PR consultant for Canada can help you avoid rejections.

Why is it Important to Choose a Licensed Immigration Consultant?

If you have been receiving calls from unauthorized agents claiming that they can send you to Canada at a lot cost. Beware of them. Unauthorized Canada immigration consultants have long been running the immigration fraud of duping people. Into believing that they can actually send them to Canada.

Since the Canadian Council doesn't legally authorize these unlicensed agents. The Department of Immigration, Refugees, and Canadian Citizenship also don't acknowledge applications by these. If you ask them to send a visa application on your behalf. The application will be sent back to you rejected in a quick time. 

That's why choosing unlicensed authorities is a practice best avoided. RCIC may charge more than these unauthorized agents. But will cover all the aspects of the process. Moreover, RCIC at Kansas Overseas also guarantees a 100% refund of your service fee. If your application gets rejected. 

Here are some reasons why you should choose a licensed immigration  representative consultant. To apply for a visa in Canada:

They can find a way for you from the 60 immigration programs

When you first start to research about applying for a visa in Canada. You'd come to know about a few popular immigration advice programs. Like Quebec Skilled Workers Program, Express Entry Program. And Provincial Nominee program

Unlicensed consultants would also be likely to suggest to you among these. But did you know that there are 60 immigration programs to get a visa and citizenship in Canada? 

Even if you come to know about these. You won't be able to select one for you. A licensed consultant would check your profile eligibility. And help you fill the right application if you fail to meet the eligibility requirements of the popular programs.

All Information at One Place

Once you dive into reading about Canadian immigration on government websites. Brochures, forums, and more. You'd get to know how diversified the process has become of late. Lack of knowledge about clauses, legal requirements. And more can lead to rejection of the application.

But you won't get all the information at any one place. Even on the official website. Having a real-time session with a licensed immigration consultant can minimize the chances of mistakes. And maximize those of approval.

Help in Interaction with Legal Authorities

It's a fact that interacting with legal authorities is no easy game. Some of you can get quite intimidated when talking to the legal authorities. And nerves can lead you to speak half-truths. Which can result in rejections.

Your licensed agent will help you in each step. And make filing your application smooth as a breeze. You won't need to be doubtful. About any step. As your professional consultant is there all the time for you.

Now you might think that any registered consultant would be right for you. Don't be so sure until you read the next section.

Why Hire the Best Immigration Consultant for Your Canadian PR Application?

Migration is like a step into a new world. It's not just about getting the residency. And traveling to the destination city. You need to be ready for a new career, lifestyle, and environment. You have to get accustomed to modern accommodations. And deal with new finances and whatnot.

You can't trust just any other consultant. To advise you best in all aspects of immigration. You must have the best of the immigration consultants at your service. To ensure a hassle-free and smooth transition to your new life. Here are a few crucial reasons. Why you should only trust the best immigration consultants in the business:

Clarity on Choosing Visa Category

As discussed earlier. The availability of over 60 immigration programs and various procedures. The immigration process can suddenly seem quite hectic. Moreover, without proper guidance. You'll only be more susceptible to mistakes.

And mind you, even one mistake in a visa application can send your efforts down the drain. Moreover, there might be cases. When you have good chances of getting approved in 2 categories. How do you solve the conundrum?

You'll surely need the assistance of an experienced and registered consultant. Who can suggest the best way forward? Based on his knowledge and experience. 

The best consultants also understand the current demand of the Canadian government. And the program that has the highest chances of approval for you. 

Resolving Roadblocks & Other Complex Issues

Once you have completed your eligibility check. You would need to go through the Education Credential Assessment. The transcript requirements here are sealed. And it becomes a roadblock for some of the students and job candidates.

Hiring a professional consultant would ease the process. As they let you understand the process quickly. Other common issues include the revocation of GCKey or improper NOC. Which can be challenging to solve alone. The best consultants would come up with viable solutions for you.

Document Verification Without Mistake

Not taking document verification seriously can lead to a permanent roadblock. In your dreams of staying in Canada. Yes, that's true. And with so much documentation and verification required. Mistakes aren't uncommon.

To avoid being labeled as a fraud. You should get your documents checked from a verified immigration consultant. That would help ensure that you don't spoil your chances of migration. Just by committing a stupid but costly mistake.

Proper Presentation of the Application

You have just one shot to please. Both the immigration application authorities as well as your prospective employers in Canada. Your application is all you have to make a lasting impression. On both of the relevant authorities in the Express Entry Pool.

But you can't be sure of how you want to approach your applications. Without any professional assistance. Moreover, don't forget that your competitors are taking the help of reputable immigration consultants too.

To fight off the cut-throat competition. You should choose the best immigration office consultant like Kansas Overseas. They have expertise in filing applications. That has been accepted both by the employers and the immigration department.

Now that you have understood the importance of having a professional immigration consultant. To help you in your migration dreams. You must be thinking about how to choose ones. Indeed, there are a few essential factors. You should look out for. In a reliable immigration consultancy.

How Can You Find a Reliable Immigration Consultant to Migrate to Canada?

With a plethora of fraud immigration services going around. You must be careful while selecting an immigration consultant. Yes, registration and license are the primary things. You should look out for. But what else? Here are four factors that determine the reliability of an immigration consultant:

Transparent Policies

You can judge the consultancy based on the first discussion with them. The consultant should make everything transparent. Ask relevant questions and layout possible strategic plans for you. 

Moreover, make sure that all the charges and steps are made clear to you. The consultant should ensure. That there won't be any last-minute changes. Or hidden clauses in the service. They should also have adept knowledge of the changes in the immigration policy.

Unblemished Track Record

You should check for client testimonials and reviews. And ensure that your immigration consultant has a profound track of getting visa applications approved. Typically, consultants with high success rates have better chances. Of getting your application approved.

The process of immigration is time-consuming as well as expensive. Snd hence you should only trust the ones with successful track records. 

ICCRC Authorization

The primary check for a credible immigration consultant is their ICCRC authorization. Check for the registration number. Snd license date to ensure that they can fill a conceivable application on your behalf.

If your consultant isn't asking for a fee. You should still look for a registration number to avoid any scams. You can find a host of authorized immigration on the ICCRC representatives list. Which includes reputable names like Kansas Overseas.

Personalized Approach

The immigration consultant needs to devise a unique plan according to your profile. If they are working on preset programs. It decreases the chances of your profile getting selected. They should use their expertise. Conduct an  experienced class. And knowledge to good effect and devise a plan to maximize your chances. Of obtaining citizenship Canada.

Indeed the maple leaf country has become one of the most welcoming locations to migrate in recent years. The weather perpetually remains pleasant. Canada has one of the best moving economies and has modern infrastructure too. Now we are going to reveal the best immigration consultant in India.

Who is the Best Canada Immigration Consultant in India?

Kansas Overseas Careers is one of the leading names in immigration consultants across India. We specialize in helping students as well as job seekers. To migrate to Canada. Get a Permanent Residency. And bring in their spouses too. 

A team of over 100 qualified and experienced experts contributes towards making Kansas a reliable and trustworthy consultancy for Canada PR. Apart from visas Kansas also delivers a host of other immigration services. Like resume building, job search, accommodations, and more. To ensure your migration process gets smoother and more comfortable.

Why Choose Kansas Overseas?

Our exemplary over 1500 successful candidate visas has led us to be named as one of the top 10 immigration consultants in India.

  • Kansas is an authorized Immigration agent. 
  • We provide Dedicated Case Officers to each client.
  • We have a Decade-long Expertise in Canada PR.
  • Right from evaluation to Visa application we provide Guided documentation.
  • We’ll Highlight opportunities across global industries for you.
  • Our aim is to Help you succeed.

But don't trust our words blindly. Instead, you can look out for successful reviews as well as registration numbers on our official website. Once you are sure of migrating to Canada. Don't think much and contact us. Because the competition is getting stiff by the day.

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