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K Nagaraju

K Nagaraju

Sr. Process Consultant

Nagaraj is a veteran in processing Canada visas. He proves as the best professional to handle all PR visa process.

Canada PR Consultants – How They Help in Making Migration Successful

K Nagaraju

Sr. Process Consultant

Nagaraj is a veteran in processing Canada visas. He proves as the best professional to handle all PR visa process.

The thought of hiring immigration consultants when planning for Canada immigration may sometimes seems daunting.

Many people often assume that consultants dupe you with heavy charges only to provide you information that is already accessible on the internet. Well, if you think the same, ask yourself this:

Canada PR Consultants
  • Is information only sufficient?
  • How will you know what documents are required according to your profession?
  • What if your occupation is not listed under NOC major stream? How will you know the exact role and code?
  • How will you follow-up with Consulate in case you need to? Will they respond to you fast?
  • Is it worth taking the risk?

The process of migrating to Canada is not just about gathering information and applying to the right visa program.

It's a lot more than that. Especially, you need to be very careful in the documentation aspect.

Any slight document error, missing out information or forgetting to submit the documents within the given time can cost you a permanent elimination from Canada immigration.

Hence, rely on a Canada immigration consultant when migrating to Canada. Indeed their help is vast and the reasons to hire them are worth consideration.

Why Should Someone Hire the Best Canada Immigration Consultant when Immigrating to Canada?

The Canada PR process is lengthy and involves several stages. To ensure that every stage is passed through perfectly, meeting all the requirements, the support of a Canada immigration consultant becomes a must. If you are wondering why, then here are a few reasons:

Document Checklist Preparation is Not Easy on Own:

If you are a Software Developer and your friend is an Engineer, both intending to migrate to Canada, then you have to know that both your document checklist will not be the same.

Yes this is absolutely surprising yet true. As Engineers and Software Developers have different roles, varied education, skills certificate pattern etc.

There required documents will also differ. Canada immigration consultants have processed thousands of visas and are expert in determining the checklist of documents you will require for your selected NOC occupation. Without their help, this step is pretty risky.

Express Entry Profile Creation Requires Persistence:

When you create your Express Entry profile or the Expression of Interest, you may enthusiastically fill all the details and let your profile wait in the pool.

However, since Express Entry process requires patience and persistence till you reach the desired CRS, you have to be patient too and update all the changes that may happen in your life.

Be it a job change, experience increase, gain of qualification, marital status or status of kids, everything has to be updated.

In a busy schedule, candidates often miss to update the changes. This gives a mismatch in their profile upon verification. Canada PR consultants ensure that this does not happen.

They keep updating profile by following up with you from time to time and see that nothing goes wrong.

We Need To Know When Provinces Open and Close:

What if you have been stuck in the pool for months and your CRS shows so chances of improvement? The provincial nomination programs can help you gain extra 600 points and receive your ITA faster.

The only drawback with these programs are they open for a limited time, for a short notice. Often their quotas are limited too.

In such a scenario, your process is in safe hands with Canada immigration consultants. Every time any province opens, they will update you and help you apply for the provincial nomination program within the specific time.

Likewise, immigration rules keep changing from time to time. Any slight change can disturb your entire PR process. Canada immigration consultants update you about the rule changes and keep your profile updated as per the latest immigration rules.

While all these reasons make it necessary to hire an immigration consultant for Canada immigration, you have to also note that choosing a reliable consultant is important. You cannot just randomly opt for any immigration consultant.

As you will be investing a huge amount on your Canada immigration, you have to make sure that your selected consultant is reliable and trusted.

Thinking how to figure out the reliability of a consultant? Look for these traits:

  • They must be registered to provide consumer services
  • They must have a sound name in the immigration industry
  • They must have a strong clientele and success rate
  • They must hold expertise in majority of programs of Canada immigration
  • Their reviews must talk about how they have shaped careers of immigrants
  • They must be easy to reach and affable

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Which is the Reliable Consultancy for Getting Canada PR?

A reliable consultant is the one who can keep up to your trust of investment and knows exactly what it takes to make your Canada immigration process successful.

When selecting a reliable consultant, follow these tips in order to make your selection the best one:

  • Check out Their Accreditations
  • Read Their Google Reviews
  • Visit Their Office
  • Know What They have to Offer
  • Check Out Their Terms and Conditions

Which is the Best Canada Immigration Consultant in Bangalore?

Kansas Overseas Careers is a leading name in Canada’s immigration and visa services. Having headquartered in Hyderabad, we also operate from Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Vizag.

In Bangalore, there are several immigration consultancies one can approach for immigration service. However, when it comes to trusted and best service, Kansas Overseas Careers has won the fame.

With over thousands of successful immigration cases, most 5-star rated reviews of Kansas Overseas Careers, Bangalore and having received the honor of being among the top 10 promising immigration consultants by Silicon India, Kansas Overseas Careers in Bangalore is by far the best immigration consultants for Canada PR visa process.

Moreover, for our amazing clientele and immigration services in Mumbai and surrounding areas, we are often referred as the top immigration consultants in Pune and Mumbai.

What makes us The Top Immigration Consultants in Pune?

Kansas Overseas in Pune is located in Thane, Mumbai. This area is very close by to Pune. Our office is easily accessible to the residents of both Mumbai and Pune.

According to the internal feedback survey, these are the factors what considered best in us and marked us as one of the top immigration consultants in Pune:

  • Visa Options: The Federal Skilled Worker visa program is the primary pathway to get a PR in Canada.
    Kansas Overseas Careers not only proposes this option to its clients but also many other alternative immigration programs (like PNP programs) that can help a candidate migrate to Canada faster and successfully.
    These options are suggested only after scrutinizing profile and knowing that there are chances for the candidates to succeed.
  • Our Team: Our work experience in the immigration industry is vast and much recognized. We could reach this strong hold in the industry primarily because of the qualified immigration consultants we have on board to cater genuine, trusted and reliable services.
    Our team is up-to-date with all the immigration rules and knows exactly what it takes for an immigration process case file to reach the Canadian desks.
  • Fair Terms of Service: Kansas Overseas Careers never does anything that is out of the legal books. Our terms of service are well-defined and clearly stated to the client before he signs up for the visa process. Doing so initiates the association on mutual trust.
    Knowing that our terms of service are our strength, we have not taken a step back in keeping in hidden from the general crowd. If you want to read what our terms of service state even before approaching us, you can do so by clicking here.
  • No Hidden Charges: What you see is what you – this is the policy of Kansas Overseas Careers when it comes to investment on citizenship process or migration visa process. Our Canada PR consultants brief out all the expenses before you sign up for the visa.
    In fact, even before you pay for the Initial Evaluation Service (eligibility check and points calculation), we provide you with a free assessment. This assessment will help you understand how much chances you have to be eligible and whether to invest in the IER service or not.
  • Transparent Refund Policy: Our refund policy is fair and transparent. This is one of the factors that has helped us maintain a healthy association with thousands of clients.
    In case of any errors that happen from our end and lead to rejection of your visa, we commit to provide you a 100% refund of the amount you invested as service charges.
  • Additional Assistance: We are a visa company that provides services beyond immigration. We believe that immigration is not just a legal visa process but a step to establishing a new life in a foreign land. For this, we ensure that you get the best assistance before you migrate.
    We help you in preparing for IELTS with online material, resume preparation, job search, post landing assistance and much more. Should you wish to know more about us, feel free to contact our Canada PR consultants or visit our office nearest to you.
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