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Difference between PR Visa and Work Permit

With our own independent analysis, we found that most of the aspirants who want to move to foreign country, specially countries like Canada, Australia, US like to move on a “Work Permit”, which is assumed to be safer and cheaper option than “Permanent Residence” Visa.

But a further study may reflect that “Permanent Residence” visa is a far more feasible option than a Work Permit in a longer run. Basically its “Freedom”(PR Visa) v/s Security(work permit). Kansas has list few points which might be worth considering before take a decision to relocate.

5 Differences and 1 Similarity

  Permanent Residence Work Permit
Type Independent Visa Employer sponsor visa
  • Australia Skilled Independent Visa
  • Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa
  • Denmark Green Card Visa
  • H1B Visa (US)
  • L1 Visa (US)
  • E-Pass (Singapore)
Duration 1-5years, can be converted into citizenship Depends On Employer, yet a long stay can help in getting citizenship
Relocation with Family Yes, can relocate with family Depends On Employer
Change of Employer Yes, the right to change job is applicable on Visa No, a new employer needs to provide a fresh sponsorship letter
Spouse can work? Yes No
Family benefits Yes, most countries provide free health and education benefits etc on this Visa No
Right to move into other cities? Yes, most PR visa gives right live into any part of the Country No, unless employer wants to.
Preference given by an employer Right Skills sets + PR visa, gives highest chances of getting a job The last to be preferred, largely because of expenditure and long formalities to hire an employee of different nationality.
Expenditures 50,000INR-2,50,000INR None, unless ask by agents.(normally ask between 4-7lakhs)
Possibilities of obtaining the Visa? 0% or 100% depending on the eligibility factors, set by the respective embassy Very rare in highly developed /English Speaking countries, unless its intra-transfer company

Check Your Eligibility

What is a PR visa?

A PR visa or a Permanent Residence visa is a category of a permit granted by the government to skilled professionals of another country, upon meeting certain eligibility criteria. This visa is granted by a country when it faces tough challenges to find skilled professionals in their own country. Some of the very popular PR visas are

  • Canada PR visa
  • Australia PR visa

How do you become a Permanent Resident?

To become a Permanent resident, you need to follow the below procedure:

  1. Determine Your Eligibility: Every country has different eligibility criteria for issuing its PR visa. Some countries like Canada and Australia grants Permanent Residence visa based on skills, while other countries like Greece and Portugal grant the visa based on the investment factors. Hence, you need to first understand the eligibility requirements set by the government of the country you wish to migrate & check your eligibility accordingly.
  2. Gather Documents: After you have checked your eligibility, you need to gather all the documents that are required in the process. Generally, these documents include education transcripts, work experience letters, fund statements, etc. Consult an immigration consultant to know the entire list.
  3. File for Your Visa: After gathering all the documents, you need to fill the application form and submit it to the respective Embassy based on the guidelines provided to you.

While you may apply for a Permanent Residence visa on your own, it is best suggested to seek a professional consultant´s help.

What is a PR visa for Canada?

A PR visa in Canada allows a skilled professional to work in any sector of Canada. This visa gives an individual the rights which are similar to a citizen of Canada. The process to grant this visa includes.

  1. An eligibility check which is based on a point based system
  2. Document verification
  3. Medical check
  4. Police clearance is required

Benefits of the PR visa of Canada?

The current gap between the strong Canada economy and the aging population of Canada leaves the Canadian Government with no option but to promote immigration by making Canada PR visa advantageous and lucrative for skilled professionals. The benefits of Canada PR visa includes.

  1. A five years visa with an option of changing the status to citizenship after 3 years of stay
  2. The benefit of moving along with the spouse and children
  3. Free learning for children and healthcare privileges
  4. Providing the option of inviting parents to Canada post-settlement
  5. Free unemployment benefits etc

What is Canada PR visa fee in Indian currency?

The cost for Canada Permanent residence visa is most commonly asked questions. This Candian Permanent resident visa is the best thing money can buy, especially when the visa fee is far lower in comparison to Australia visa.

  1. Education Credential fee: 15,200 Indian Rupees
  2. CIC processing fee: 29,420 Indian rupees
  3. Right to Permanent Residence Fee: 26,210 Indian Rupees

How to check the eligibility of Canada PR visa?

How to calculate your Canada Express Entry Points

Canada Express Entry CRS Points Calculator 2019

The below express entry points calculator determine your CRS points score for Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category, wherein you need to score minimum 67 points to be registered as an approved candidate for Canada Immigration.
In this points calculator, the points are being given for your each profile factor, i.e. age, education, language skills, work experience, etc. You may coordinate with an Immigration expert for further clarification or assistance in order to improve your profile or CRS point score for Canada immigration.

Canada CRS Calculator - Comprehensive Ranking Score Calculator

Education *

  Less than Secondary school (high school) credential
  Secondary school (high school) credential
  One-year post-secondary program credential
  Two-year post-secondary program credential
  Post-secondary program credential of three years or longer
  Two or more post-secondary credentials and at least one of them from a post-secondary program of three years or longer
  University Master’s credential or an entry-to-practice professional degree
  University-level credential at the Doctoral level

English Skills *

  Superior English
  Proficient English
  Competent English

Experience *

  1 year
  2-3 years
  4-5 years
  6 or more years

Age *

  Under 18
  47 and Older

Adaptability *

  Your spouse has bachelors/masters qualification
  Blood Relatives in Canada

Arranged Employment (Canadian offer letter) *

Name * :
Email * :
Contact No * :
* mandatory fields

What is a PR visa for Australia?

As said, PR visa for Australia is one of the most preferred visa types of the world. Just like Canada, the skilled professionals who want to settle permanently in Australia must apply for a PR visa for Australia. The PR visa holder of Australia gets many benefits on this visa and is allowed to claim Australian citizenship after 4 years of stay.

What is the eligibility of the PR Visa of Australia?

In order to be eligible for Australia PR visa, you need to:

  • Have an age less than 45 years
  • Have a Bachelor´s degree
  • Must hold a work experience of at least 2 years
  • Must be of good health and have no criminal history
  • Must be good in English Language

How to apply for a PR visa of Canada or PR visa of Australia?

Both these countries follow a simple and standard pattern of PR visa application. However, the points and selection pattern may slightly differ.

Here’s a step-by-step process followed by both the countries:

  • Check Eligibility- Score 67 points for Canada PR or score 65 points for Australia PR.
  • Go for Assessment- Education and experience details must be submitted for assessment.
  • Lodge Application- Create online application by the name of Expression of Interest with complete details about yourself.
  • Receive Invitation to Apply- If your application is selected from the application pool, you receive an invitation to apply for PR.
  • Submit final application- Submit final application along with required documents and fee.
  • Receive the Final PR visa- Get visa and go for passport stamping at respective embassy.

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*Please note that Kansas assist only with obtaining PR visa.