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10 PR visa facts that you should know - Canada and Australia visa

  1. What is a PR visa?

    A Permanent Residence visa means a category of a permit granted by the government to the foreign workers and investors. This visa is granted to skilled professionals like Engineers, IT professionals, Health care specialists, etc.

    The countries that offer Permanent residency in 2020 are:

    A. Canada

    B. Australia

    C. UK (after 3 years of stay)

  2. A Permanent resident visa of Canada allows a skilled professional to work in any sector of Canada. This visa gives an individual the rights which are similar to a citizen of Canada. The process to grant this visa includes.

    1. An eligibility check which is based on a point based system
    2. Document verification
    3. Medical check
    4. Police clearance is required
  3. How to get PR in Canada

    If Canada is your dream destination, then you need to meet the two important eligibility criteria to migrate.

    A. You need to score at least 67 points for eligibility. These eligibility factors include age, education, work experience, language skills, etc.

    B. The roles of your work experience need to match the Canadian occupations list, i.e. the National Occupational Classification.

    Once, you meet the eligibility; you need to apply for a PR visa for Canada in three simple steps. Firstly, you need to check your eligibility and get your Education assessed by designated representatives.
    Then, lodge your online Express Entry application and get placed in the Express Entry Pool. Finally, you need to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA); and complete all essential steps related to application and visa fee to migrate to Canada.

  4. The 3 Easiest way to immigrate to Canada

    There are over 60 programs to enter in Canada, yet the 3 easiest pathways for PR visa in Canada for Indians are:

    1. Federal skilled worker(PR visa)
    2. Provincial Nominee Program
    3. Quebec Skilled Worker program
  5. Canada Pr visa fees from India

    Below is the list of the cost for Permanent residency of Canada

    • Education Crediational Assessment Fee: 14,700 Indian Rupees per applicant.
    • CIC application processing fee: 44,660 Indian Rupees per applicant over 18years and 12,180 Indian Rupees for application below 18years.
    • Right of Permanent Residence Fee: is 27,066 rupees for the applicant over 18years.
  6. The step by step process to apply for PR visa in Canada is :

    How to apply for Canada PR
    • Confirm your eligibility for Canada PR by using Canada Points calculator and analysis if you are scoring 67points.
    • Once your qualification for permanent residence is confirmed, apply for "ECA" to evaluate your education level as per Canada.
    • Lodge your application in "Express Entry Pool".
    • Register with "job bank" and provinces to get "Invitation to apply" or "ITA".
    • Once you obtain your ITA, lodge your file with CIC for your final application.
    • CIC will as ask to go through medical, present Police clearance certificate.
    • Once your verification is completed, you will be asked to submit your passport along with dependent/s.
    • Visa is stamped and you need to make your first entry in Canada in the first 6months.

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  7. As said, Australia Permanent residency is one of the most preferred visa types of the world. Just like Canada, the skilled professionals who want to settle permanently in Australia must apply for a PR visa for Australia. The PR visa holder of Australia gets many benefits on this visa and is allowed to claim Australian citizenship after 4 years of stay.

  8. In order to be eligible for Australia PR visa, you need to:

    • Have an age less than 45 years
    • Have a Bachelor´s degree
    • Must hold a work experience of at least 2 years
    • Must be of good health and have no criminal history
    • Must be good in English Language
  9. How to apply for Australian PR

    To apply for PR visa for Australia, you need to
    1.Check the eligibility: You need to get 65points and your work experience should feature in the demand list of Australia.
    2. Appear for Language test: PTE exam is suggested as an easier form of language test.
    3. Apply for skill assessment with relevant authorities e.g. IT professionals has to choose "Australia Computing Society".
    4.Lodge the application for in the online pool known as "Expression of Interest ".
    5. Once you receive ITA, you need to lodge the final application with DIBP.

  10. The PR visa for Australia expenses vary depending on a. Your "skill assessment" body. b.If you require state nomination(for some states, the fee is not applicable) and c.number of dependents etc. However, the appropriate expenditure for Australia PR is 2lakhs Indian Rupees for the primary applicant.

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