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Top 3 Benefits of Canada PR

K Nagaraju

Service Delivery Manager

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Your decision to check out for a permanent residence benefit is wise. As skilled workers like you are at a great demand for immigration, opting to immigrate to Canada with a resident status holds greater advantages for you.

What are the benefits of Canada PR?

The key benefits of having a Permanent Residency of Canada are:

  • You get a 5years multiple entry visa which allows you to work and settle in Canada.
  • You can move along with the family to Canada.
  • Spouse get the option of working work full time.
  • Children under the age of 18years get free education.
  • Free healthcare is provided to the entire family.
  • You can avail unemployment benefits as well

Here are the Top 3 benefits of Canada PR in details:

Top 3 benefits of Canada PR

1. Financial benefits:

  • You can get better sources of income in Canada. The pay scales across various industries are lucrative. As you get a better income, you can expect a better lifestyle.
    You can expect a better standard of living for the family members.
  • Another important aspect of immigration benefits is tax rebates. You can avail benefits through the Canada revenue agency. This authority regulates the taxes in the country.
  • You can avail worker's compensation in case of any industrial accidents or illness. This helps you to support your family and strike a balance for your income.
  • You can earn a good taxable income working in Canada. This helps to excel towards your financial freedom. The career opportunities help you to grow in all directions.
    You can enjoy a satisfying life being an employee or self-employed in the country.
  • Canada is a developed economy. After your citizenship and immigration, you can opt for various employment opportunities. Canada invites skilled immigrants for various industries.IT, hospitality, aerospace, automobiles, and real estate are some of the booming sectors.
  • You can start your business in Canada and avail benefits such as NAFTA. This is the Trade Agreement between the North American countries.
  • The authorities help immigration and refugee to build your business in the region.

Top 3 benefits of Canada PR

2. Social security benefits:

  • As you get the residence in Canada, you can get proper support when you lose a job. Similarly, you can try out the chances to get a job with higher pay as well.
    You and your spouse can get a new job quickly being permanent residents.
  • A variety of social security agreements are in place to protect your rights. This enhances the support system working for you in your difficult situations.You will get the treatment as a national asset and can expect a better future.
  • The permanent resident with a proper work permit are eligible for pension This secures your retired life. You can be self-sufficient to manage your expenses after your retirement.

3. Better family life:

  • After your immigration to Canada, your kids can get free education as like a Canada child. You can provide a better future to your kids through the facilities offered in Canada.
    As you get better income opportunities you can keep your kids satisfied.
  • You can avail an important Canada child benefit in terms of free education for your kids. The country offers subsidized university education for the permanent resident of Canada.
    This ensures a better lifestyle and career for your kids as well.
  • Your spouse and kids can live with you through the residency status. The embassy or consulate provides you with the family status on some terms.
    You can support your family and lead a happy life in Canada with a permanent resident card.

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However, there are various rules and regulations for permanent residents in Canada. To immigrate to Canada, there is a point based system.

As an applicant for permanent residency, you need to score specific points in order to succeed in your Canada immigration as a permanent resident.

Getting in touch with immigration consultants will help you understand the points system in detail.

Asking them for help in filing your application for Canada permanent residency will ease your process and get you the visa faster.

Just in case you are just gathering information before you take the leap of faith for migration, the below details may be helpful.

How can you get a PR in Canada?

For your immigration to Canada as a permanent resident or to get the PR, you need to meet various criteria other than just points.

These residency requirements are set by the Canadian government authorities.

You need to go through a process by applying for the resident status through any of the following programs:

For this process, you need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). Depending upon your score and willingness to migrate you will receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency status.

Then you can apply online for permanent residency in Canada.

Your application for resident status should be enclosed with:

  • The credentials for your educational qualifications
  • Score for IELTS
  • Skill assessment reports
  • Work experience certificates
  • Health Certificate from the concerned authority
  • Good conduct certificate from the police department
  • Permanent Resident Visa fee that you can pay using your credit card

The government authorities carry out the scrutiny of your eligibility to apply.

In case of any queries, you need to clarify with supporting documents. Usually, it takes 6 to 8 months of processing time to approve your application.

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How many points are required for Canada PR?

To qualify for immigration to Canada, scoring 67 points out of 100 is a must. You can refer to the points calculator to look out for the system for points allocation.

Here are some factors that influence your points:

Criteria for your educational qualifications:

To become a resident of Canada you should meet the criteria of qualification. From a high school diploma to a Ph.D., every recognized education is valid for Canada immigration.

Based on your highest qualification from a recognized university, you get the points.

As an applicant to become a permanent resident, you can earn 25 points for your education. Better the degrees better would be your points.

So, in order to migrate easily, it is better to have a Master's Degree before you apply for permanent residence.

Age for eligibility:

Your age plays an important role in both, your Canadian citizenship and immigration. Ideally, you should be between 18 to 50 years of age when you apply for residency.

This is obvious that this is the most productive age in your lifespan.

The government authorities prefer the permanent resident that can study or work. As a matter of policy, the ideal resident of canada needs to contribute to the growth of the economy.

So, you earn better points when you fall in the age group when you are in the midst of your working life.

The maximum points given for this factor are 12.

Aptitude in language:

When you apply to be a resident, you should meet the least language skills criteria. As an applicant to become a resident of Canada you need to get a proper score in the IELTS.

This test involves assessments in reading, writing, listening and speaking in English.

You should score be at least 6 out of 9 bands, in all the four modules of the test. In order to do so, get some special training for IELTS from experts.

This will help you to score well in the language assessment at the first attempt.

If you don't get the required score in the first attempt, you can opt for another attempt for improving the score. Always, strive for a score higher than they require.

This also helps in establishing your abilities to communicate in Canadian society and the workplace.

However, you will be able to score a maximum of 24 points for this factor.

Your work experience:

For your residency status card, you need to prove your abilities and skills to earn and survive. You need to be an able and responsible citizen moving in.

You can refer to the National Occupational Classification to know the preferred occupations. Again, you should have a proven continuous work experience of at least one year in the last year in the field.

Your work experience implies your technical abilities to support your professional responsibilities. Your Canada immigration becomes easy if you have adequate experience.

These criteria play an important role for your hassle-free immigration.

A total of 15 points can be claimed for this factor.

Points for Adaptability & Employment:

As an applicant for permanent residence, you also get points if you are able to prove adaptability (previous work experience in Canada) or arrange employment.

Both these factors give you points on your immigration application considering the fact that you becoming a permanent resident of Canada will be an asset to the Canadian economy.

Points required for Express Entry:

Calculating the points for the above-mentioned factors, you will need to score 67 points to apply for Express Entry scheme. This score will determine your overall eligibility criteria for the visa.

With this, you also have to score Comprehensive Ranking Score, which is yet another way of ranking or grading application of permanent resident of Canada.

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