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Canada PR Points: Major Factors That Affect Your Eligibility + Calculator

A permanent residence visa is granted to those who can be a skillful resource to the Canadian Economy. If you want to settle in Canada, you must first know what your Canada PR points are using the calculator below. 

Know Your Points with the Canada PR points Calculator 

On the basis of various parameters like your age, education, work history, and so on, each candidate is awarded points. Your points are basically an assessment of how strong your application really is.

Knowing your score will also help you  understand which of the different immigration programs you can apply for. 

During an Express Entry draw, a cut off is released to the public. Those with the highest points are invited to apply (ITA) for a PR Visa by the Canadian government. 

Once you receive an ITA, you will soon receive a PR visa, provided you clear certain medical and character assessments. We will discuss that a little later. 

What is Express Entry for Canada PR?

In 2015, Canada launched the Express Entry, a fast-track immigration system for Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Level applicants. The system handles permanent residency applications through this process.

How does Express Entry Work?

The Express Entry system assesses whether the candidate is eligible to apply for Express Entry. This is done if candidates score at least 67 out of 100 points.

Eligible candidates are then filtered on their Comprehensive Rating System (CRS) score from the Express Entry pool. Selection is based on the details such as qualifications, language skills, work experience, and so on.

Canada immigration officials look for qualified candidates who can apply to Canada's thriving economy in this group. Candidates with the best scores in the pool receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR.

The points that a candidate earns from the CRS have two components.

  • First, a core collection of points up to 600 based on factors such as qualifications and experience.
  • Second, a collection of additional points up to 600 based on selection factors such as a legitimate work offer, with a cumulative score of 1200.

Minimum Points required to be eligible for Canada PR

The authorities use a scheme of points to pick the applicants for Canada’s immigration programs.

Minimum-Points-required-to-be-eligible-for-Canada-PR (1)

To apply for a PR visa, applicants must score at least 67 points under different conditions. These parameters encompass:

  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. Work Experience
  4. English language skills
  5. Adaptability points
  6. Arranged employment in Canada

The maximum points you can obtain for these factors are as follows:


Maximum Points Available 

Language skills - in English & French 




Work experience 




Arranged employment (job offer in Canada)




Total Points Available



Canada PR Points Calculator

You need at least 450 CRS points to apply for Canada PR.

CRS Score Calculation for Express Entry Candidates

CRS considers 3 different factors to allot points for your profile.  Below is a breakdown of how points are allotted for each factor.

  1. Core or Human Capital Factor (your age, education, experience, etc. with or without spouse or common-law partner)
  2. Skill Transferability Factor (Canadian work experience or foreign work experience, language ability, etc.)
  3. Additional Factors (Canadian job offer, provincial nomination, etc.)

Applicants with the highest CRS scores are invited to apply to become permanent residents of Canada.


Maximum Canada PR Points

Core / Human Capital Factors

460 (with spouse)

500 (without spouse)

Spouse or Common-Law Factors


Skill Transferability Factors


Additional Points


Maximum Points



  • Core Human capital factors


With Spouse/ common-law partner

Without Spouse/ common-law partner




Education level




languages proficiency (IELTS)



Canadian working experience



Spouse - Level of education



Spouse - Official language proficiency



Spouse Required IELTS Score (General)







  • Skill transferability factors


Maximum Canada PR Points per factor

Education and Language Ability

CLB 7 - CLB 9 50 13 


Education and Canadian

Work Experience


Language Ability and (Foreign work experience) Non-Canadian Work Experience 


Canadian work experience and Foreign work experience (Non- Canadian Work Experience) 


Certificate of Qualification in a Trade and Language Ability




  •  Additional Factors


Max. Canada PR Points per factor

Brother or sister living in Canada who is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada


Post-secondary education in Canada - credential of one or two years


Post-secondary education in Canada - credential of three years or longer


Arranged employment - NOC 00


Arranged employment – any other NOC 0, A or B


Provincial Nomination 


Maximum points to be claimed



To know your score, use the calculator below.

Check my CRS Score

8 Different ways to improve your CRS score in 2024


1. Common-law partner or spouse

Applicants with spouses have a chance of earning extra points. You can gain at least 40 more points from your spouse’s qualification.

2. Retake your language test

You can apply for the test again to improve your CRS score. For French, you can take either TEF or TCF. And, for English, you can take CELPIP or IELTS. This will serve as a certification exam for your language abilities.

3. Provincial Nominee Program

You can gain a massive 600 points if you manage to get a provincial nomination.

4. Educational level

Applicants can gain more points if they get more degrees. Technical schools that teach vocations that are valid in Canada count.

5. Job offer

If you get a Canadian job offer, you increase the chances of scoring more points.

6. Type of arranged employment

Opt for full-time work that has a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

7. Work experience

Work in Canada will get you more points than non-Canadian work experience. The more years you have, the higher your score will be.

8. Seek help from a professionals

Kansas Overseas Careers has ample experience in helping applicants with immigration and visa consultancy services.

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Work Experience Required to Apply for PR through Express Entry

Canada immigration officials are searching for qualified candidates who can apply to Canada's thriving economy.

In this group, the highest score is awarded to immigrants with five years of experience, which is 15.

Here are some ways you can increase your skilled work experience:

  • Non-Canadian Experience

Non-Canadian experience under Express Entry is not as good as the Canadian experience, but it still counts. Under the mix, factors lie non-Canadian expertise, worth 100 points total. 

For example, this means that more experience paired with a better score for the language will improve your scores. Points are received with up to three years of service outside Canada.

  • Canadian Experience

Canadian experience makes for the gold standard. It gets points on its own with the candidate earning additional points if they have worked for five years. 

If the candidate is employed in Canada, they should continue doing so.

  • Additional Experience

The number of scores a candidate's experience might get is limited- but this doesn't mean that they can be careless while maintaining their portfolio. 

Provinces are searching for unique fields of specialization, and those sectors will change rapidly. Extra experience, worth 600 points, could contribute to a provincial nomination.

Applying with Your Spouse for Canada PR

Applying with a spouse can improve your Canada PR Points. Keep these 2 factors in mind:

Carefully Choose the Primary Applicant
  • Determine who the Primary Applicant is.
  • Primary applicants with more skills will get more points.
Get Your Spouse to Score Points
  • Having a Spouse gives you 40 points.
  • Your Spouse needs to check his/her CRS Points.
  • Once he/she determines her CRS Points, you will get more points.

IELTS Score for Canada PR Points Calculation

CLB 10 gets the maximum CRS score. For Canada Permanent Residency, you need IELTS CLB Band 7. 

CLB Level

Points per Subcategory








6.0 - 7.0















10 or above


8.0 - 9.0

8.5 - 9.0

7.5 - 9.0

7.5 - 9.0

Other Important FAQs

What is a Work Permit in Canada?


Also known as a work visa, a work permit is issued to eligible foreign nationals to work in Canada for a specified period of time. However, you can apply for a work permit only after receiving a job offer or employment from a Canadian employer.

Is Canada Looking for Skilled Workers?

Yes, Canada had invited 67,300 skilled foreign workers in 2019, against Canada’s immigration target of 81,400 skilled workers.

What is the meaning of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) in Canada?

The National Occupational Classification code is the number of jobs listed under the official job classification system in Canada. You will have to find the NOC code and title to apply for a job as a skilled immigrant.

What are the selection factors for Canada immigration?

The basic selection factor for Canada immigration is that you will have to score a minimum of 67 points under the Express Entry program to access your profile. It is the Express Entry points that will score that will determine your ranking within the pool.

Which jobs in Canada do not require Labour Market Impact Assessment?

Jobs that are generally exempt from Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) are:

  • Self-employed engineers, technical workers, creative and performing artists, etc.
  • Intra-company transferees with specialized educational qualification and capable of benefitting Canada with their skills & experience.
  • Workers under Mobilité francophone. 

What is the Federal Skilled Trades (FST) program in Canada?

This program is meant for skilled workers wanting to become permanent residents in Canada. The Federal Skilled Trades program is based on being qualified in a skilled trade. 


Canada has one of the world's most sophisticated immigration programs. This is through the Express Entry Program.

It helps manage and assess applications and uses a system of Canada PR points. This points-based system has helped streamline the migration process of citizenship in Canada.  

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