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Study abroad consultants in India

Anusha stands out for in-depth knowledge of Canada, UK and Australia visa process. With 7+years of experience, she adds a lot of worth to the team.

Best Study Abroad Consultant in India

There is a wide range of immigration consultancy firms in India. Kansas has made it to the list of such fine companies as one of the Top 3 visa consultancy firms in the country. With thousands of satisfied clients situated around the globe, Kansas stands firm as one of the best study abroad consultants in India. 


Kansas Overseas Career offers a range of versatile services when it comes to overseas education. These services not only prepare you for the application process and the subsequent interviews, but also in various aspects, like language proficiency tests for example. 

They also help you write your academic essays; SOPs help you acquire letters of recommendation. Not only this, Kansas also posts carefully curated profiles on job portals that help you land a job and earn a stable income once you are in the country of your choice.

All of these services make your transition to a brand-new country a lot smoother than otherwise. A stable income, an ideal university and a stellar visa application are all components of immense success abroad.

International education services

Kansas Overseas Career does not believe in wasting time. The following are services that are offered to deem your chances of success and improve them. Higher education can be a defining point in one’s career and lifestyle, and these services help create the best-case scenario for you. 


The visa services that are offered are as follows:

  • Profile Evaluation: It is important to know how strong your application is, as there is a large pool of applicants to choose from. Before proceeding with your application, Kansas evaluates the chances of success of your application. In the event that your application does not adhere to certain standards, Kansas will do its best to improve your application and strengthen your chances of success. 
  • Documentation: The documentations are inspected for procedural and structural errors, and are framed to meet ideal standards.
  • Individual case officer: A case officer is assigned to each client to help maintain previous records and avoid confusion. No client details are lost this way, and the client is carefully guided through the application process. 
  • Visa filing: A check on the application is conducted before filing it to ensure an errorless application is submitted. 
  • Complimentary test preparation: There are several language proficiencies tests that students need to take for visa applications. An education consultant like Kansas will prepare you for these tests.
    Language proficiency tests are a very important component of your application, as your ability to speak the language is directly correlated to your adaptability in the respective country. You will have to be adept at speaking the language with your co-workers, teachers and peers. Some examples are IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and similar examples. 
  • Visa Interviews: Visa interviews are crucial to the success of your application. Immigration officers are going to ask you questions regarding the purpose of your trip, the details of your course, length of stay and willingness to travel back to your home country. Several countries like United Kingdom, Canada and US are known to commonly conduct visa interviews.
  • Post-landing Service: This is an important aspect of your study abroad as you will have a concise plan to follow after landing in your destination country.  

These are the basic services offered for all kinds of visas, including those for study abroad programs. The following services specifically cater to students looking to study abroad:

  • Admission guidance: Kansas offers this service to help foreign students in selecting the best university and course according to their needs. The options are laid out in front of students to help them make a choice.
  • Arranged mentorships: For students who need guidance in aspects extending the mere application process, there are existing students in universities abroad who can guide new applicants to the best of their abilities. 
  • Writing Services: Several documents needed in the process of application like personal essays, letters of recommendation and statements of purpose are written and framed by Kansas to improve your chances of a successful application. 
  • Scholarships: Kansas will scout the market for the best possible scholarships and education loans that you can avail to make studying abroad financially feasible. This includes searching for any avenue that would make the financial burden on the student lighter. Paid internships help students earn money as well as experience. 

To know more about our offered services, call us or visit our official website.

Top Universities for a study abroad program- USA



Harvard University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanford University

California Institute of Technology

Princeton University

Yale University

The University of Chicago

The University of California - Berkeley Campus


Top Universities for study abroad program- Canada



University of Toronto

The University of British Columbia

McGill University

McMaster University

University of Sherbrooke

University of Alberta


Top Universities for study abroad program- Australia 



The University of Melbourne

Australian National University

The University of Queensland

Monash University

The University of Sydney

University of New South Wales

The University of Western Australia



Top Universities for study abroad program- Europe



University of Cambridge, UK

University of Oxford, UK

University College London, UK

The University of Edinburgh

King’s College London

Heidelberg University, Germany

Ludwig Maximillian’s University Munich, Germany

Technical University of Munich, Germany

Ecole Polytechnique, France

Sorbonne University, France

Eindhoven University of Technology, Holland

University of Amsterdam, Holland


Well-known courses opted for in study abroad programs

  • MBA
  • Engineering
  • Natural sciences
  • Dentistry

Awards and Recognition

98% of our clients have gotten their visas approved and have reported as being happy with our services. We have achieved this success with diligent work for the last 8 years. 

Some of our other humble achievements include:

Where can you find Kansas?

Kansas has 8 locations. We are headquartered at Hyderabad, with offices in:

  • Jubilee Hills
  • Begumpet
  • Somajiguda

We also have branches in:

  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Thane
  • Vizag


We have an excellent track record for helping our clients get into the school and country of their choice. Be one of us today. A few reasons to have faith is us are as follows:

  • Our rules and policies cater to our clients
  • Our approach is result oriented
  • Served 20K+ customers and over 3K+ active cases.
  • We cater to clients who need visas to over 15 countries
  • We are nationally recognised and have a few awards under our belt
  • In case of rejection, we are prepared to offer you a full refund

Kansas has all its bases covered when it comes to study abroad programs and visa applications. To know more, book a free consultation with us now!

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Which countries can I obtain a visa to via Kansas?

You can apply for a student visa for any country, provided India is on the list of approved countries for your preferred destination. They are as follows:

  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Malaysia
  • Dubai

You can also obtain a visit visa to the following countries:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia 
  • Canada
  • Schengen
  • Dubai
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand

How can we contact Kansas?

You can drop into our offices, call us on 1800-102-0109 or visit www.kansaz.in now.

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