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K Nagaraju

K Nagaraju

Sr. Process Consultant

Nagaraj is a veteran in processing Canada visas. He proves as the best professional to handle all PR visa process.

Get Canada PR based on Points – FSW Points and CRS Points

K Nagaraju

Sr. Process Consultant

Nagaraj is a veteran in processing Canada visas. He proves as the best professional to handle all PR visa process.

Getting permanent entry into Canada is a dream of many skilled professionals. Until 2015 aspiring immigrants used to struggle through years in order to become permanent resident of this lavish country.

However, the legal work permit was the only option through which they could make a temporary immigration to Canada and obtain a permanent residency after staying in the country for years.

Canada PR Application – Factors that are counted

But, with the introduction of the points based immigration system, migrating to Canada has become easy.

Reports say, on an average, 2,50,000 immigrants are able to get an entry into the Canadian provinces and millions are able to apply to migrate to Canada every year with families.

In fact for this reason Canada is also being referred as the hub of immigration or the Immigrant’s Capital City.

As the booming economy creates a lot of scope for people of all occupations, skilled workers with over 2 years of work experience high in demand in the country.

These skilled workers are able to carry their immigration through the Express Entry program, and get access to Canadian labor market easily, as permanent residents.

Moreover, Canada has a lavish standard of living. Several Canadian cities like the Vancouver and Toronto are among the top 5 ‘most livable cities of the world’.

Reviews of Canada immigrants also state that this Canada is comparatively less expensive than other countries of its competition.

A crime free environment and a fair government that protects the rights of permanent residents makes this country worth consideration.

Even in terms of the work in Canada, the country has a huge number of opportunities with plenty of employment benefits.

Access to quality education and free basic healthcare facilities both for the citizens and the immigrants equally adds to the fact that Canada is one of the finest places for immigration.

Now coming to the prime reason that makes all these other immigration-friendly reasons noteworthy is the points based immigration system of Canada.

Being the World’s first system to invite skilled worker for permanent residency based on points and selection factors has attracted millions of professionals from India and worldwide.

To migrate to Canada, the country will only ask you to score sufficient points under its points based immigration test and get your score evaluated for the CRS ranking.

While the CRS ranking has no minimum threshold, the FSW immigration points certainly does have a minimum requirement.

Ask an Expert

What is the minimum point required for the Canada PR process through express entry?

To obtain a permanent residency status of Canada, the Points Based Grid has been highly regarded. This system is applicable for the candidates who are applying for a PR visa in Canada through the Express Entry System.

Introduced in 2015, this is a completely online and first track program. The Federal skilled worker program is its major program.

Candidates who want to entry the Express entry pool are judged for selection based on the selection factors and their points under this grid system.

While the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) Department selects candidates from the pool and sends an invitation to apply for permanent residency based on the CRS, the FSW points are the initial aspect to decide a candidate’s eligibility for this selection.

The Canada PR points calculator is used as a medium of reference. The eligibility check is done based upon the following six selection factors. These are:

  • Age:This is one of the highest score factors in the express entry program. In this category, you can score the highest if you fall in the age group of 18-35 years of age.

    Under this category, the highest points you can score is 12. Although you still get points with increasing age, but it might reduce if you are above this age bar.

  • Academic Factor: A decent education qualification is a prerequisite to get a good score in the PR process. If you have a PhD, you can score up to 25 points which is the highest in this category.

    However, the immigration policies understand that getting a PhD degree is not possible for all. Hence, the immigration experts suggest that if you have a Masters degree, you can still score 23 points which is the second highest.

  • Work Experience:Canadian immigration authorities look for skilled workers or immigrants associated with skilled trades with a work experience of at least 3 years.

    They look for people who can contribute to the booming economy of Canada. Hence an immigrant with some experience is an asset unlike those that are freshers.

    Under this category, immigrants with 6 years of experience are awarded the highest score that is 15.

  • Check Eligibility

  • Language Proficiency:Passing the language test is very vital for all non-English speaking residents. Since English language is the primary mode of communication, it is important for you to score well in the test. In the immigration process, you either have to qualify in the English or French language test.

    For the English proficiency, you have to appear for tests like IELTS. Remember that just appearing for the tests is not enough. You have to at least score a band score of CLB 7 and points at par with it.

    Under this category, you can score a maximum of 24 points, 6 points each in reading, writing, listening and speaking with a CLB score of 9 or above.

  • Adaptability:Having a spouse/common law partner becomes an added advantage if you are applying for the Canadian PR. With you as the primary applicant, your partner would also be judged on the basis of factors like age, education, job experience and so on.

    Under this category, you can get an additional point of 10. If you have a relative who already lives in Canada and can provide financial support, your application would carry some more extra points.

  • Arrange Employment:If you have a job offer in Canada before you apply for the PR visa, you can utilize this aspect to boost your FSW points. Arranged work in Canada is not mandatory but can get you significant points.

These are some of the factors that determine your eligibility for the Canadian PR. The factors and points mostly remain the same. However, in case of any special circumstances, this might be subject to change.

Under this point system you have to score at least 67 points to be eligible to apply for permanent residence.

Canada’s immigration policies are designed keeping in mind the productive immigrants.

Since Canadian authorities are in constant lookout for skilled labors, make sure you complete your application form correctly and provide authentic information during calculation of your score.

Remember that any slight error in documents can disturb the entire process of evaluation.

After you have determined your FSW points, you can apply for permanent residency visa. However to understand your chances for success, you need to check your CRS points.

These points are nothing but your ranking in the Express Entry profile. This score determines of how quick you will be able to get the Invitation to Apply.

If you have a low CRS than that of the latest Express Entry Draw trend, then there are chances you may have to remain in the Express Entry pool for a long time.

How Can I Apply

Is low score not moving your process further? Here’s what you can do!

Your PR application remains valid for 12 months in the Express Entry pool. In case, your application is unable to get you the ITA based on your current CRS score, then don’t worry.

You still can become a permanent resident of Canada. Take these measures to increase your Canada PR points and get selected faster. One of the best ways through which you can increase your score is by applying through PNP.

Instead of the express entry program, if you apply through the provincial nominee program,you can instantly get an additional 600 points which gets added to your CRS score.

This will enhance your chance of being eligible for the PR. As we already discussed, the score in the language proficiency tests add a lot of value to your application.

Hence, along with a decent score in English proficiency test, if you also learn French and score a decent point in the second language, this will add greater points to your CRS.

Sometimes you might fail to score good points in your first language proficiency test, that is in English. In case that led to cancellation of your application for PR, you might consider enhancing your language skills.

Either prepare for the IELTS by yourself, or the best way is to take a professional coaching from the masters who would help you get better when you appear for the tests the next time.

Having a sibling or a relative in Canada can definitely add value to your PR application.

Ever thought of that? If you or your spouse has a relative already residing in Canada and they can prove to financially support you unless you have a job offer,then this will add extra points to your CRS.

Educational qualification is a prerequisite when it comes to applying for PR. In case you fall short of points, you might consider increasing your educational qualification before reapplying for the Canadian PR.

alternatively, you can also increase your work experience before reapplying. If you were planning to migrate to Canada without a job offer, you might consider applying for jobs in Canada first before reapplying.

In this case, a letter or referral from your employer will help you increase your CRS points and will give you better chance of getting the PR. Sign up for our advanced job search service and get assistance to search for best jobs in Canada in 2019.

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