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USA L2 Visa: A Complete Guide For Dependents Of L1 Visa Holders

An L2 visa is a non-immigrant temporary visa that lets you enter the U.S. with your spouse or relative. With this visa, dependents of the primary applicant become eligible to enter and stay in the country. 

Read on to learn more about the USA L2 Visa.

What is an L2 Visa?

L2 visas are also known as L1 dependent visas granted to the spouses and dependents of L1 visa holders. 

Who is it for?

  • The eligible family members are the spouse and children of the L1 visa holder. 
  • The dependent children’s age should be below 21 years.

What can you do with it?

  • Live legally in the U.S. on a temporary basis.
  • Attend school or study full-time in the U.S.
  • Work part-time or full-time once approved for an EAD
  • Transfer to another non-immigrant status like F-1, B-1/B-2, H-1, and L-1
  • Ability to travel in and out of the U.S. on brief international trips.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for an L2 Visa?


In order to apply for the L2 visa, the eligibility requirements according to immigration law for spouses and children are:

  • The visa holder should be a dependent spouse of an L1 visa
  • The visa is issued for the unmarried children and dependents who are at the age group of 21 years of age
  • Under this visa, parents are not eligible to apply.
  • L1 visa holders who plan to bring their parents to the country need to help them in applying for the US visitor visa.

What are the Documents Needed for an L2 Visa?


Below find the required documents checklist:

  • After filling the DS-160 online, there will be a confirmation page seen after filling the required eligibility requirements. Take a CEAC barcode printout of this.
  • US visa application filing fee document
  • The interview appointment letter
  • 2 photographs 
  • For the visa issuance fee, a demand draft has to be submitted
  • If the applicant is below the age of 14, then an original birth certificate of the dependent child has to be submitted
  • Original marriage certificate
  • Complete wedding album
  • A copy of the marriage invitation card
  • Passport and the valid pages and validity
  • A letter declaring the purpose of visit
  • L1 visa holder’s employment verification letter
  • Copy of L1 visa holder’s income tax return
  • Need to provide a demand draft for the visa issuance fee

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How to Apply for the L2 Visa?

In order to apply for the L2 status visa, the required steps to apply for the visa are mentioned below:

  •     Step 1: Complete the DS-160 Online Application 

The candidate needs to apply for the visa by submitting the DS-160 Form along with the recent passport-size photographs. 

Take a print of the DS-160 Form confirmation. Check for the DEAC barcode. You will need this barcode during your interview.

  •    Step 2: Pay the Application Fee

You will need to complete your DS-160 with an application fee. The basic application fee is $160, and there may be additional charges depending on your country of origin

  •    Step 3: Schedule Visa Appointments: Interview and Biometrics

You will need to book two visa appointments—one for biometrics and the other for the interview. You will be given a date for your visa interview at the embassy or consulate.

  • Step 4: Submit your Documents
  1. Valid passport
  2. Passport-size photo. 
  3. Original marriage certificate
  4. Marriage photographs 
  5. Birth certificate of children
  6. Written approval of the L-1 primary visa holder (parent or spouse)
  7. Academic qualification certificates 
  8. L-1 holder’s I-797 form
  9. Visa application fee
  10. Visas issuance fee

Spouse documentation:

  1. Your spouse’s (L-1 holder’s) employment verification letter
  2. Copy of your L-1 spouse’s I-194 (if already in the U.S.)
  3. Copy of your L-1 spouse’s petition approval notice issued by the USCIS
  4. Some copies of L-1 spouse’s salary payslips (if already working in the U.S.)
  5. Copy of L-1 spouse’s current tax returns (if any)
  • Step 5: Attend the Biometrics Appointment

You will need to attend a biometrics appointment at the Visa Application Center. This appointment involves the collection of your fingerprints, photos, and other information needed by the immigration law officials.

  • Step 6: Attend the L-2 Visa Interview

To establish that all the claims made in your application are genuine, you will be asked some general and personal questions to determine your eligibility. You should be granted a visa, as long as you meet all the criteria. 

Cost for L2 Visa

The L2 visa application fee for each applicant is $190 USD.

What is the Processing Time for the L2 Visa?

Usually, the processing time for the L2 visas is from 15 days to 1 month. However, it basically depends upon the workload of the Embassy and other factors.

Other Important FAQs

What is the validity of an L2 visa?

The initial period of stay for L-1 visa holders is three years with the option to extend the stay until the total validity has been reached.  If your spouse or parent is an L-1A work visa holder, you will be able to stay in the U.S for a total of seven years on an L-2 visa. For L1B visa dependents, the maximum is five years.

How will the L2 visa help to work in the country?

This is popularly known as the L2 work permit and states the applicant to work in the United States. With an approved l2 EAD, the L2 visa holder is allowed to work in the US. The step which have to be followed by the L2 visa holder for obtaining the work permit are:

  • Need to file for the EAD card
  • Should submit the application for obtaining the Social Security Number
  • Eligible to apply for part-time or full-time work in the US

Generally, the EAD card has a validity of 2 years. It can be renewed until the applicant remains in the same L2 visa status. The applicant is eligible to file the Form I-539, EAD application, Application for visa extension or change nonimmigrant status together. And, the dependent children who are on the L2 visa status are not eligible for applying for the EAD status.

Is there any possibility to change the  valid status with an L2 visa?

The L2 visa is a dependent visa type. Though changing from one visa to another is a hurdle in the United States, it is not so difficult even. 

  • If you qualify for the eligibility requirements of an l1a visa, you are eligible to apply for this visa type separately. And, if you have a qualified employer to sponsor you, then you are eligible to apply for the H1B visa.
  • If the spouse or parent plans to change their visa's current status, such as to H1B, then the dependents can obtain the H4 dependents visa.
  • Also, in order to renew the L2 visa, it can be possible when the L1 visa holder renews with the US conditions. And, this legal status can be renewed only in the United States of America.

Can the Green card be achieved for the L2 visa candidate?


Yes, it can. As this visa is connected with the L1 visa holder, if the L visa holder applied for the Green Card, then the dependents are equivalently eligible to apply for a Green card. 

  • The L1 visas are dual intent visas. There is no need to submit the proofs declaring your intention to return home or show strong ties for the home country.
  • Therefore, if the L1 visa holder applies for employment with the green card, the dependents will be allowed to join along by submitting the required relevant documents.

What is an E2 visa?

An E2 visa is a non-immigrant visa. It doesn’t provide a straightforward process for a visa holder to obtain a green card. However, with an e2 visa, the applicant is allowed to apply for a green card separately.

What is a TN Visa?

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) TN visa is a non-immigrant visa. Through this TN visa, Canadian and Mexican citizens work in a qualifying organization in the USA. The work may include arranged business activities for the USA or Foreign Nationals.


The benefits which can be achieved for the spouse and children with the L2 visa include:

  • Right to live in the country
  • Dependent children can attend schools in the US
  • Spouse is eligible to work either full-time or part-time after obtaining the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) from the USCIS
  • Eligible to apply for other non-immigrant visas such as H1, F1, B1, B2, and L1 visas
  • Can apply for immigrant visas
  • Can travel within and outside of the country for short and return trips

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