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Migrate to Canada as a Doctor – 3 Easy Visa Options to Apply


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The demand for doctors in Canada increases day by day. This is the only sector of the Canadian labour market where new jobs are added almost every day.

The overall employment of physicians and surgeons in Canada is projected to grow by 13% from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average of any other sector. You know why?

Migrate to Canada as a Doctor – 3 Easy Visa Options to Apply

Canada promises free healthcare for permanent residents. This factor has largely attracted individuals and families to obtain permanent residency status and settle in Canada.

With the growing number of immigrants, the need of a stronger healthcare system is always required.

Another reason that equally contributes is Canada’s aging population. Over 25% of Canada’s population is in the old-age bracket.

This increases the demand for doctors and healthcare professionals who are able to take care of their medical conditions.

Doctors in Canada are earning upto $208,000 per year or $100.00 per hour. What about you?

Apparently, this demand is not limited to any specific stream. There is a need of doctors who specialize in various fields.

From physicians to psychiatrists, from oncologists to surgeons, there is a job for everyone.

Can Doctors (Indian) Apply for Canadian Immigration?

Alike any national, Indians also have a great demand in India. Canada is not biased to any nationality.

It welcomes every national to live in its entity until they do not possess any threat to the country or prove a financial burden to its economy.

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Why Does Canada Accept Foreign Doctors?

Despite the fact that there are over 84,063 physicians working in Canada (as per the Global News), it is seen that only 43 percent of Canadian residents are able to get a doctor’s appointment the same day or the next day when they are sick.

1 in 5 Canadians have to wait more than a week to see a doctor. Hence, as the population in Canada grows through immigration, the requirement of doctors will simultaneously grow.

Now you may think that when there is such a huge demand of skilled, why it needs doctors from foreign and not within?

This is because there is a very less percentage of students who opt for medical studies. As IT is the soul of many Canadian provinces, Canada born students prefer for IT studies over medical studies.

This increases the need of talent international medical graduates from outer nations.

To make it easy for doctors to migrate to Canada and live in the country comfortably as a permanent resident, the country offers several pathways. The procedure varies of different programs of Canada immigration.

Doctors must obtain certificates that are approved and trusted under Canada’s healthcare services to succeed in the process.

How Much are Doctors Earning in Canada in 2020?

How Much are Doctors Earning in Canada in 2020?

Note: In order to start earning in Canada, foreign doctors are required pass the MCC exam and further undergo training at Canadian college for physicians. This requirement may vary from province to province.

How to verify your qualifications as a Physician?

If you are an Indian doctor planning to migrate to Canada, you are required to follow a different process from the regular ones.

It is important that you meet the educational qualification requirement set by Canada. For this, follow these below steps:

  • Check whether your University is listed in the World Directory of Medical School
  • Get a license from the Medical Council of Canada

The above mentioned procedure also involves fees that you will have to pay at different stages of the process. These include:

  • Degree verification fee: CAD $125
  • Translation Fee: CAD $181 per page
  • Application to Medical Council of Canada fee: CAD $2365
  • Medical Council of Canada Exam fee: CAD $1598 (Part 1) and CAD $3340 (Part 2)

3 Most Popular Visa Programs of Canada for Doctors

Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program: This program is a commonly opted pathway to settle in Canada. From IT professionals, to bankers to doctors, candidates choose the FSW program most.

Why? It’s because this program:

  • follows a points based system;
  • requires only 67 points to qualify
  • selection of permanent residence visa applications is done through draws
  • family can be incorporated in the same visa
  • process is easy

67 Points Calculator

As a doctor you who wants to settle and practice in Canada, you must have a related medical degree, work experience, proficient English language skills, immigration medical examination results and license (MCC).

Also, you must represent any of the following occupations (of the major group) from the NOC, Canada:

NOC Code Occupation Group Skill Level Type
3012 Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses A
3111 Specialist physicians A
3112 General practitioners and family physicians A
3113 Dentists A
3121 Optometrists A
3122 Chiropractors A
3125 Other professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating A
3232 Practitioners of natural healing B

Provincial Nominee Programs: There are several provinces of Canada who have aligned their immigration programs with the major immigration system (Canada Express Entry) introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

This is to fill the shortage of skilled talent in the respective provinces faster.

Which province has highest demand for doctors? According to the Global News, these are the top provinces for doctors to practice

  • Alberta
  • Saskschetwan
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Manitoba
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • New Brunswick
  • Quebec

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program: After you have acquired your license, if you already are invited with a job offer by a Canadian employer, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is the fastest option for you to settle in Canada.

This program requires low IELTS and can be applied even with a low work experience. However, your occupation must be listed under the NOC Skill Level A category.

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What is the Best Pathway to Becoming a Doctor in Canada?

While the Federal Skilled Worker is the considered the best common pathway to becoming a doctor in Canada, you can also opt for the recently introduced PNP stream by Nova Scotia.

In 2018, Nova Scotia introduced the Physician Stream of Nova Scotia Nominee Program that helps doctors to migrate to Canada within approximately 5-10 days.

However, it is mandatory that the applicant has a valid job offer either from the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) or IWK Health Centre.

What is the Process to Immigrate to Canada as a Doctor in 2020?

Migrate to Canada in 6 Steps

  1. Check your eligibility points and NOC code
  2. Secure Positive Outcome from the Medical Council of Canada
  3. Create Your Express Entry Profile (simultaneously)
  4. Receive Your Invitation to Apply (post MCC and license)
  5. Submit Required Documents along with Fee Payment
  6. Go for Passport Stamping on Visa Approval

How to Apply for the New Canadian Immigration Stream for Doctors?

Filing for a Canada PR visa for doctors can be challenging as well as tricky. As there are plenty of options to choose, with a varying criteria, the process may also be confusing. Hence, taking help of a reliable visa consultant can help you to a great extent.

Kansas Overseas Careers will help you understand everything about the new Canadian Immigration Stream for doctors (and other alternatives) through our free counselling.

Having the best immigration consultants at your service, we will guide you in making a wise decision. Reach out to us online or write to us at info@kansaz.com.