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How to Immigrate to Australia from India {In 2020}?

Australia is the hub of opportunities for people with all types of skills. With many of its MNCs giving most of the opportunities to immigrants with proper education and skills, many people from India and all across the world are showing immense interest to settle in Australia.

Immigrating to Australia - Is it Easy from India

If you have good qualifications and work experience, Australia welcomes you with open hands to take up the wonderful opportunities.

You can be benefitted from the number of immigration programs that are designed to welcome professionals along with their families.

Benefits of Australian PR:

The following are the benefits of getting the permanent residency of Australia:

  • With a PR visa, unlike student or work visas, you can stay up to an indefinite period.
  • You can move to and from Australia freely.
  • You can choose to do what to do in the country, i.e. you can study or work in the country without restrictions.
  • You can get yourself enrolled in the medical care of Australia
  • You can sponsor eligible relatives to get Australian PR
  • In due course, you can apply for Australian citizenship.

The Major Types of Australian Visas

The following are the most preferred Australian visas for immigration by Indian Skilled Workers:

  • Australia Skilled Independent Visa or Subclass 189 visa
  • Australia Skilled Nominated Visa or Subclass 190 visa
  • Australia Skilled Regional Visa or Subclass 491 visa

1. Australia Skilled Independent Visa or Subclass 189 visa

Subclass 189 visa does not require any sponsorship from any relative or state or territory of Australia. If you have good educational qualifications and work experience, you can go for this visa to migrate to Australia.

You need to have your occupation listed in the occupation list of Australia called, Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MTSSL) to get this visa, along with meeting other requirements like age, English proficiency, health, and character.

2. Australia Skilled Nominated Visa or Subclass 190 visa

If you are nominated by a state, then you can migrate to Australia with a Subclass 190 visa.

To get this visa, you need to have your occupation listed in the Consolidated Occupational List of Australia. If you have expertise in such an occupation, then you need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the Australian SkillSelect program, along with the state you are interested to settle in.

If the state or territory selects you, then, you will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Australian PR. You can apply for Australian PR in 60 days after receiving the ITA.

3. Australia Skilled Regional Visa or Subclass 491 visa

Subclass 491 visa replaced the previous Subclass 489 temporary visa since November 2019. This is also a skill-based visa, which requires you to have an occupation listed in the Australia occupation list.

If you have your occupation listed, then you have to get your skills assessed by the Australian organization. You need to score 65 points in the Australian Points Calculator. Then after submitting EOI, the Australian government selects you and sends you ITA. After they issue ITA, you will have 60 days to submit all the supporting documents and to pay the fees.

How much does it cost to immigrate to Australia from India?

The visa application fees for the independent skilled migration applicant, employee nominated, and other segments are rising.

If anyone is now applying for the independent skilled visa subclass, 189 will have to pay around $ 4045.

The prices have surged. In previous times, the independent skilled visa was costing around $3,670. Hence, if you are planning for Australia immigration, it is best advised to apply now. By the time the prices may again increase.

What is Australia PR visa processing time in 2020?

This process might seem to be very simple, but in reality, it may a considerable amount of time to get all the things done.

To get a skilled independent visa, the officials may take up to 3-11 months after the date; you have submitted your application for PR. After you apply for the migration, you may likely get a contact query within three months.

It is even possible that you may get a PR grant at the end of 3 months of submitting the 189 invitation to apply. After the CO gets in touch, you need to submit all the relevant documentation as early as possible.

The documents need to be uploaded, and then it takes about three months to get a final grant of the visa.

What is the maximum age for immigration to Australia?

If you are applying to immigration to Australia, then there are certain age limits based on the categories you are applying for. If at all you are applying for permanent residency, then the age limit is 44 years within which you can claim your permanent residence.

But if at all, your age is in between 44 – 50, and then you will not get any migration points.

There are also several territory rules and regulations, especially in the northern territory and Manus Island. This needs to be check-in to comply with border protection issues.

Eligibility requirements to get an Australian visa

Here are some of the current requirements that one needs to fulfil to get into Australia.

  1. The applicant must be below 50 years of age. This is applicable to skilled migrants and sponsored workers.
  2. The candidate must have a valid IELTS score for skilled migration.
  3. A designated assessment authority must do the candidate's skills assessment.
  4. The application for immigration policy to Australia ought to have a nomination in Australia or any other Australian territory if and only if they are applying through the nomination category of immigration into Australia.
  5. The applicant also needs to be an expert in occupation from the occupation lists (CSOL/SOL) of Australia.
  6. The applicants ought to submit their application for expression of interest over the internet to the immigration authorities of Australia.
  7. The applicant must need to secure a minimum of 65 points to clear the preliminary verification.
  8. The preliminary verification includes all the essential factors like the age of the applicant, educational qualification, English proficiency, and the most important of all is the previous work experience.
  9. The applicant must also have a healthy disposition, and he/she should possess an excellent personal character. To prove this, the applicant also needs to deliver a character certificate of relevance.

Several immigration experts can assist you with all the required documentation, and also, they can guide you in getting the immigration done without any hassles.

Document checklist to get an Australian visa:

You need to submit the following documents to get an Australian visa:

  1. Skill Assessment Proof.
  2. Age Proof.
  3. IELTS report.
  4. Employment Reference Letters.
  5. Partner's IELTS report.
  6. Work experience letters.
  7. Marriage certificate.

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What are the various Australian visa categories?

There are several visa categories to choose from when you have made up your mind to immigrate to Australia.

You can choose your category from a wide-ranging visa category like

  1. student visa- Australia has got some of the best educational institutions in the world.

So, several students from many different countries apply for immigration to Australia for continuing their higher studies.

  1. Work visa- The skilled workforces prefer to work in corporates of Australia, due to high paying opportunities and excellent work culture.
  2. Holiday visa- This is perfect for anyone who wants to visit the outstanding beauty of the country in their vacation time.
  3. Sponsor visa- If you have anyone in Australia, who is willing to sponsor you to migrate to Australia, then you can come by this visa.
  4. Skilled visa- If you have got an outstanding work experience from the past companies, then even with no job offers from Australia, you can easily apply for immigrating into Australia through appropriate skilled immigration programs.

Each of these categories of visas has got its own purposes.

These are the most common and widely applied visa categories.

net overseas migration from india to australia fy 2009 to 2018

What is the Australia immigration process 2020?

The immigration process to enter Australia is very easy. The migration program of Australian countries happens to be one of the simplest, compared to any other country.

In Australia, there are different immigration categories, and the guidelines vary according to the category you have applied for.

Some of the categories for which you can apply for an Australian visa from India are as follows:

  1. Permanent Resident Visas.
  2. Visit Visa.
  3. Study Visa.
  4. Workers Visa (Skilled workers/General Skilled Migration Visa).
  5. Temporary Work Visa.
  6. Working Holiday Visa.
  7. Business Visa.

Apart from all these types of visas, there are also several different visa categories for a bunch of specific activities.

The best part of the Australian immigration process is its simplicity and its cost-effectiveness.

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What should I know before moving to Australia from India?

The immigration policies of Australian countries are very liberal as compared to others.

This is the only reason for which several individuals migrate to Australia each year for either working in some of the great corporates or merely living a wonderful lifestyle.

are specific immigration rules and regulations which govern the entry of any individual into Australia. On the contrary, the rules and regulations keep on changing at certain intervals.

Do you need a degree to immigrate to Australia?

To get immigrated to Australia, you require a mandatory degree. This degree can be in any stream of your choice. In several cases, this degree must be submitted for educational assessment to check whether your standards meet Australian education.

With this, you will also have to prove a work experience of over 3 years. This experience must be an occupation that is closely related to your education.

On the contrary, your occupation must fall in line with the skilled occupation list of Australia. The reckoning of the occupation list is very important.

A majority of the institutions would require a formal occupation recognition of the skills.

Keeping the long story short, you will need to possess a formal qualification, which can be a diploma, vocational training, an apprenticeship, and at times a university degree.

Why do people prefer Australia for migration?

The economy of Australia is very diverse, and it is also one of the most stable places to reside in. Over the past few years, it has become the first choice for immigrants, especially Indians. Moreover, the lifestyle of Australian countries has its individuality.

How can an immigration consultant help you get a PR visa in Australia from India?

The process of getting an Australian PR is a long-running process with several things to be done in the stipulated period. So, it could not be convenient for an individual to complete each and everything.

Here comes the need of migration agents who can help you to get everything done. With an experience of many years, they know which guidelines and what are the steps.

So, they can help you with applying an application the best way. The crucial step, though, is the process of document verification. Everything depends on the same.

If there is any discrepancy in those documents, then the possibility of getting a visa would be difficult. You must choose the most reputed agency for the job. They would provide you with the basics for the IELTS examination.

Apart from this, they will also be of great help for a searching job in Australia and prepare your CV correctly to improve the points in the grading system.

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So, if you have thought of going to Australia for better job opportunities, then you need to follow the guidelines and prepare for the crusade. When you face any difficulty, you can choose to take help from various immigration consultants.

The migration agents get to know all the bells and whistles regarding migration to Australia. They can help enjoy at-par benefits with the Australian citizens and also work in Australia.

Contact us at any of our offices or call us on our toll-free number 1800-102-0109 to know more.