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Need of Engineers in Canada Increases Everyday

Y Sindhura

Operations Manager

With 8 years of experience in the overseas division, Sindhura is a specialist in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany visa process.

A rewarding career awaits you in Canada if you are a software engineer. There are many excellent career opportunities in this country for you.

All you need is a bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, IT or electronics from a recognized University.

Need of Engineers in Canada Increases Everyday

With the trend of IT industry, this demand has spread across the globe.

Especially the ITians and Engineers from India with strong academic record, aptitude and intellect are welcomed by countries like Canada and Australia with plenty of immigration opportunities.

In such a scenario, the task of choosing the best country for permanent stay and work becomes difficult.

Which one is better for immigration for an Indian Software Engineer, Australia or Canada?

Have you taken time to compare the opportunities for IT Professionals in Canada and Australia? What did you find? Both countries have rewarding career opportunities to offer.

However, by the reviews of IT professionals living in Canada and Australia, Canada immigration is more beneficial.

These reviews say that getting a Canada PR for software engineersis comparatively easier than that of the Australia PR.

For a detailed comparison between the two, you can check out these differences between Canada and Australia immigration.

The IT industry in Canada is booming. Software engineering graduates can expect a bright future. There are plenty of businesses already operating in various provinces.

These tech companies are looking for IT experts from across the globe.


  • If you own the desired qualification and;
  • Have adequate work experience as a software engineer;
  • Looking for immigration to a developed economy;

Then, Canada can be the best option for you to move in. Now you may be wondering which place is best in Canada? Continue reading.

Opportunities for IT Professionals in different provinces of Canada:

There are many provinces in Canada, where the IT industry is on a boom. You don't even need an active job offer to migrate to these provinces.

Being an Engineering graduate in the respective field, you can get job opportunities.

We recommend you to get in touch with an immigration consultant to make a confirmed decision on your choice.

Their expert guidance will not only help you understand your demand but also complete your immigration process in time.

You can understand the requirements to apply for PR for your profession and become a permanent resident based on your occupational demand.

Nova Scotia:

It is one of the progressive provinces in the country. It is on the Eastern Coast of Canada.

This province offers plenty of job opportunities for software engineering graduates and candidates having higher qualification in this stream.

The provincial government has taken up expansion in the IT sector. The government encourages investors and entrepreneurs to start their ventures here.

The authorities encourage applicants to apply under the Nova Scotia nominee program, which is a part of the Express Entry.

In hunt of tech talent,this province also associated itself with the Atlantic immigration pilot program. Through this a job offer is mandatory for permanent residency.

However, IT professionals find PNP Nova Scotia Program of Express Entry to be a smooth option to immigration.


You can consider Manitoba as the IT hub of the country. It is also a progressive province located in the central region. Around 5% of the population in Manitoba, Winnipeg operates in the IT sector.

Again, there is a large Indian community migrated to this region.

You can expect homely surroundings being a part of the Indian community over there. The software professionals and many other types of skilled workers live here.

Most of the people from India have the vision of leading a better life in Canada.

You can apply to the process of permanent residence of this province with help of an immigration agent.

As the labour market of this province is demanding for skilled immigrants, it is important that you meet its skilled immigration requirements.

Wit this being said, you can consider to become a permanent resident of Manitoba either through Express Entry programor direct application.


The government is keen on developing Ontario as an IT hub. Skilled workers in the IT sector are high on demand in this province. This has remained the favourite place for Canada immigration since years.

In fact, many investors are on their way to start their ventures in the IT sector in this province. So, if you are an IT professional or an entrepreneur looking out to invest in Canada, Ontario welcomes you.

With your expertise in your occupation, you can Canada immigration a source of flourishing in your entrepreneurial dreams.

British Columbia:

The web developer or software developer prefers this province to immigrate. This province attracts the Federal Skilled workers through a hassle-free immigration.

There are ample job opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

For high paying jobs, you opt for the employment opportunities in Vancouver in this province. Especially, for Engineers in artificial intelligence, this place is a must-go.

Based on your work experience and other factors, you can apply for the Canadian PR, which is much similar to the US green card for IT professionals.

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How can an Indian Software Engineer immigrate to Canada?

The software engineering graduates from India can opt for Canada immigration through the Express Entry program. It is an electronic system, operating on a fair points system.

The requirements to qualify for this immigration program:

  • A degree or a Master's degree in engineering is the initial need. You need to be an Engineering graduate or postgraduate from a reputed university.
  • You need to clear an educational credential assessment from the immigration authorities. According to the policies, you will get points for your qualification.
  • Your relevant work experience in a reputed Engineering organization will be essential. You need to have experience working in a supervisory position. This can make your permanent resident application stronger.
  • In several cases, you may be asked to obtain a license from the Association of Professional Engineers. Though this is not a mandate requirement, it may apply to specific cases.
  • You should be able to research, design, develop and maintain the software applications. These technical capabilities will help you qualify for the skilled worker program
  • You need to be well versed in handling technical environments for an easy entry. You should handle Information warehousing, embedded software, various operating systems and communication software.
  • Apart from your degree and experience; your skills in the languages are important. You should score at least 6 in four modules of the IELTS. The test assesses your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English.
  • To avoid rejections, you need to make sure that your application is complete in all respects. Also, your skilled worker category application should carry the necessary supporting documents. You can ask an qualified immigration consultant to fill in the application on your behalf.
  • You need to score adequate points in the assessment. You need to have a strong will for permanent citizenship of Canada.
  • Your selected IT occupation or Engineering stream needs to be on high demand. It must be listed on the National Occupational Classification.

With this being said, an IT employer sponsored Invitation to Apply will ease your immigration process. However, it is not mandatory.

For Indian IT workers who are living in Canada as a temporary foreign worker, there is a different set of criteria to apply.

In all cases, skills and demand of occupation are the prime aspects to get the visas through the Express Entry.

What is Express Entry canada?

Express Entry Program is Canada’s latest method of accepting permanent residents. It is an online system that operates primarily on points.

Interested and eligible permanent residents can get their express entry through a draw. This process requires the least processing time.

The IT Professionals such as, software engineers, web developers, system analysts etc.,can avail an easy entry through this.

As it requires around 8 months to process 80% of applications, this is the most preferred program for engineers in the IT sector.

You need to apply as a federal skilled worker to avail entry through Express Entry Program. You need to score at least 67 points out of 100 in the assessment.

Federal Skilled Trades & Canadian Experience Class can also apply for Express Entry.

Before you apply for the express entry program, it is better to understand the ongoing trends.

You can go through the previous express entry draws or the national occupation classified to understand what skills are high on demand for a permanent residency.

This will help you to assess your probability to get the Canadian PR and chances of availing its benefits.

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What are the benefits of a Canadian permanent residence visa?

Before you apply for Canadian permanent residency programs it is important to know the benefits. Your decision to immigrate to Canada can be beneficial for various factors such as:

Right to live and work in Canada:

You get the right to stay and continue to work in any province of Canada. This can be great freedom as you can enjoy a happy life in any desired part of Canada.

Freedom to work and better prospects:

The conversion rates for Canadian Dollars are good in India. As a software engineer, you can get enormous rewarding career opportunities in Canada.

So, you can expect steady growth in your salaries and expect to lead a luxurious lifestyle. You will be able to earn good and save for the future as well.

Enjoying family life:

You can sponsor your eligible family members as dependent applicants. So, you can get your spouse, kids and parents join you. In fact, after several years, you and your entire family can become Canadian citizens.

Subsidized education and social security benefits:

You can get citizen-like benefits such as access to subsidized education. As a permanent resident, you can get proper protection against crime.

You can enjoy a better standard of living and great facilities living in Canada as well.

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