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Canada PR Consultant Fees - How much do Canada Immigration Consultants charge?

If you are planning to migrate to Canada with the assistance of an immigration consultant, the first question you may often ponder upon is the consultancy fees.

Immigration consultants' primary role is to be a bridge between the application and the visa success. Although, the onus is on the applicants to meet the requirements, yet proving your eligibility to CIC requires a sound knowledge of the process.

Canada PR Consultant Fees - How much do Canada Immigration Consultants charge?

The fee for Canada PR visa consultants depends on:

  • Whether the consultant is authorized to process your application.
  • If consultancy works with any Canadian immigration lawyer.
  • What are the related services they offer.
  • And the experienced manpower employed to take care of your process.

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Services Offered by most of the consultants are

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How much do Canada Immigration Consultants charge?

As mentioned above the fees varies one consultant to another, yet the approximate charge is from 49,000 Indian Rupees to 1,50,000 Indian Rupees.

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What help can you get from Canada Immigration Consultants?

Before we answer this question, you have to understand that only trusted and reliable consultants offer you the best services at a justified amount.

This is because our motto is to help you in making your immigration process as easy as possible.

  • In India, Kansas Overseas Careers is one such name that has gained a tremendous reputation in processing Canada immigration visas.
  • Our clients appreciate our work and services, and their reviews to us state that we are impeccable.
  • Silicon India, pleased by our services, has nominated us among the Top 10 Promising Consultants in India.
  • The major reason for this honor is our extensive help in providing services beyond visa. That is to make immigration a happy experience for you.

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How much is the PR Application Fee?

There is no need to pay anything in the initial stages of the application, except you ECA Fee. This means that you are not required to pay any amount to the Canadian embassy until you receive your ITA (Invitation to Apply).

However, to get proper guidance in doing your paperwork accurately, you may have to bear the consultancy fees and miscellaneous charges during the process.

The stepwise cost involved in applying for Canada PR Visa from India:

You can divide the total need for funds for immigration to Canada into two segments:

  • Selecting and applying for an Express Entry program based on your skills and resources.
  • Funds needed to apply for Canada PR after you receive the Invitation to Apply.

Let us now discuss the fees you need to pay for creating your online profile:

While creating your online profile, you need the following significant documents:

  • Your IELTS Score that confirms your English Language Skills.
  • Educational Credential Assessment, done by the concerned authorities.

a) Fees for IELTS:

You need to pay the Test Fee of Rs 12,700 (subjected to change) to appear for IELTS.

b) Fees for ECA:

  • Every applicant must get an Educational Credential Assessment from WES.
  • Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada need an assessment of your educational documents.
  • This confirms that your educational qualification is at par with the Canadian standards.
  • The fees for your ECA through World Education Services are around Canadian $200.
  • After conversion, this amount would be Rs 10,800. There might be extra delivery charges.

The duration for getting your Educational Credential Assessment:

  • WES generally takes around three weeks to process the application for ECA.
  • Later, the immigration authorities have to approve the assessment.
  • Citizenship and Immigration need around 35 business days to approve your educational documents.

"The assessment of your educational documents is valid for five years. You can reassess when you apply for Express Entry after this period. The immigration law about the assessment is a bit rigorous. This assessment ensures applicants' positive role in the development of Canada's economy."

c) Passport Cost:

Passport is the clearance given by the federal government for you to travel and live abroad. Passport plays a crucial role in validating your identity to the Canadian authorities. The fees to get your passport can vary between Rs 1000 to Rs 2500.

d) Cost of the application for Canada PR:

The application fee, while submitting your immigration application, is a significant segment. This important stage includes various factors. Let us discuss the major steps in this formality.

  1. The fee for Permanent Resident Visa Application for Express Entry Program is CAD 825. This figure remains the same for various other immigration programs as well. This fee is for a single primary applicant.
  2. Apart from this, the fee for Right to Permanent Residency is CAD 500. This applies to every person in the family. You can apply to spouse and dependent children at the same time.
  3. The fee for PR Visa for a spouse or legal partner is CAD 500. Again, for the dependent child, the fees are CAD 225. They consider the children below the age of 22 as a dependent.

Federal Skilled Worker Program-Fees and Requirements:

You can plan to migrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program as well.

  • You need to be a skilled worker with adequate work experience for this application.
  • The fee for PR Visa application processing is the same, as discussed earlier.
  • You need to get a work permit from your employer.
  • Statistics Canada gathers and presents facts for drawing the policies.
  • This attracts Permanent Resident Visa applications under Express Entry and other immigration programs.
  • The CBP Officers ensure that the immigrants entering Canada follow the rules.

Other significant documents and corresponding fees:

There are some other extra documents you need to submit along with your Visa application.

  • You need to undergo a medical exam. The listed physicians can conduct your medical exam and issue the Medical Certificate.
  • The fee for this Medical Certificate can be anywhere between Rs5000 - 8000.
  • Police Clearance Certificate is another significant document you need to submit.
  • The Crime Investigation Department in your country verifies your judicial history.
  • Then they issue the Police Clearance Certificate. This may cost you around Rs5000 - 8000.
  • The authorities issue Resident Permit to immigrants with good health and no criminal history.
  • They don't prefer applicants with persisting health issues and criminal background.
  • This is because the authorities do not want to burden the healthcare system of Canada.
  • They don't wish to create issues with law and order in the country as well.

Proof of funds:

Another important document for migrating to Canada is proof of funds.

  • You should prove that you have enough funds to survive in Canada along with the family.
  • You need to submit the documents to ensure that you can take care of your family for at least three months.
  • If you wish to be a permanent resident along with the spouse, the proof needs to be shown for CAD 15,531.
  • The amount grows in proportion with the number of family members migrating to Canada.
  • An average of CAD 3,361, increases per family member.
  • You need to furnish the bank account details and details of other investments. The authorities consider the following parameters as proof of funds:
    • Cash
    • Stocks
    • Bonds
    • Debentures
    • Treasury Bills

Total cost for immigration to Canada:

Let us take a glance at the total funds needed to immigrate to Canada:

  1. Visa application processing fee: CAD 825. For spouse - CAD 500 and CAD 225 for each dependent child.
  2. Right to Permanent Residence fee - CAD 500 per person
  3. Medical Certificate cost - Rs 8000
  4. Police Clearance Certificate cost - Rs 8000
  5. IELTS test fee - Rs 12,300
  6. Educational Credential Assessment - CAD 200
  7. Passport charges - Rs 2500

So, the total cost for your immigration to Canada (without any family member) would be around Rs 1, 00,000 (approximately).

Apart from these fees, you need to furnish proof of funds. You need to submit the evidence of possessing CAD 12700 if you are migrating alone. The funds increase approximately by CAD 3400 per person.

Do you need to pay the Right of Permanent Residence Fee?

Yes. You must pay the Right of Permanent Residency (RPR) fee along with the visa fee. Also, if you have spouse and dependents migrating with you, you need to apply the RPR fee for them too.

A correct and transparent immigration consultancy would tell you all the fee details without any misgivings. This is the reason you need to select a reliable immigration consultancy. Consider the reputation of a consultancy before approaching it.

To know the service charges of Kansas Overseas Careers and the trending discounts on our packages, consult our immigration expert online.

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