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Best Canada PR Consultant in Hyderabad

Y Sindhura

Operations Manager

With 8 years of experience in the overseas division, Sindhura is a specialist in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany visa process.

Migrating to Canada from India (Hyderabad) has become easier than ever before. With the increasing number of Canada PR consultants who are extending their helping hand for immigration services.

In such a range of options, choosing the best consultant in Hyderabad often becomes difficult. In this space, you will know more about the best immigration consultants in your town.

Canada PR Consultant in Hyderabad

How to choose the best immigration consultant in Hyderabad

The best answer for selecting the best immigration consultant in Hyderabad is to approach a consultant who is authorized to provide Canada immigration services.

Either the consultant should be accredited by IRCC or must work with an independent ICRCC agent.

Besides this significant aspect, also consider the following 5 tips:

1. Check out the website

It will have a lot to tell you about their digital impression.

2. Online reviews

That gives you an idea of how the consultants have been dealing with or help people with visa services.

3. Visit the office

A professional consultant in Hyderabad will have a proper office set-up where every detail about the services they offer is explained to you in detail.

4. Read their service agreement

Before you sign up for any service, an immigration consultant must help you out with all the terms of their service.

5. Cost and other details must be well-presented

When you approach the consultant, the prices and details related to the process must be explained well in a form of a report.

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Why choose a regulated Canadian immigration consultant?

Regulated Canadian immigration consultants are professionals or visa agents who hold an authorization (legal permit) from IRCC to provide Canada immigration services. They are also called as ICCRC consultants or agents.

While it is not mandatory to hire an IRCC agent for your visa process, their role will always prove you beneficial.

  • They are certified and accredited officially to provide the services
  • Their expertise is trusted. Hence, there is minimal chance of error in application
  • Their advice is genuine and practical. They suggest solutions based on the complexity of your visa process.
  • They know how to tackle challenges when any immediate immigration rule changes occur.

Which is the Best Canada Immigration Consultant in Hyderabad?

In 2020, you may find plenty of consultants in Hyderabad offering a range of immigration services.

How will you determine the best one? Though the above-given tips will help you to make the right choice.

You would want someone who is recognized globally and holds recognition in the business world.

Kansas Overseas Careers is your answer. Having headquartered in Hyderabad and with 3 state-of-art consultant offices in the city, we have achieved a tremendous reputation in the immigration sector. Our work is efficient, and 70% of clients represent referrals.

The strength that makes us the best immigration consultant in Hyderabad is our transparency in service and timely submission of applications. Besides this, there are plenty of reasons to choose us.

10 Reasons Why Kansas Overseas Careers in Hyderabad is best for Canada Immigration

10 Reasons Why Kansas Overseas Careers in Hyderabad is Best for Canada Immigration

How can you get Canada PR Visa?

For Canada PR Visa from India,there are individual eligibility requirements you are required to meet.

  • Your age must be below 46 years (to score points)
  • You must be a graduate or of a higher qualification
  • You must have at least 1 year of full-time work experience
  • You must be proficient in the English language (attempt IELTS)
  • You must score at least 67 points on Canada‚Äôs immigration point's grid
  • You must be of sound health and moral character (proven by Medical certificate and PCC respectively)
  • You must be financially stable to manage your stay in Canada
  • You must apply for a visa program that best suits your profile (commonly referred is FSW visa program)

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Is IELTS mandatory for Canada PR?

Yes. The IELTS examination is mandatory for Canada immigration. If you are applying for a PR visa through the FSW visa program, your application is accepted if your score in IELTS is CLB 7 or higher.

The reason why Canada has made IELTS mandatory is:

  • English is one of the official languages of Canada. It is essential to whether the candidate can understand, speak, read, and write English before they settle in Canada.
  • It is one of the Canadian approved language tests.
  • Employers seek candidates who can communicate in their local language (which is English) easily.

How can you migrate to Canada?

Migrating to Canada involves a series of stages. Each stage has its importance in the process and requires to complete it in a specific pattern.

During each step, you are required to submit several documents.

While our Canada immigration consultant is the best person to help you out with the procedure to migrate to Canada, here is a quick glance at the process, the documents and what you are things to do during each stage.

Stage 1: Eligibility Check and Evaluation of Points

  • Meet all eligibility requirements and check your points (FSW and CRS)
  • Determine NOC code related to your job role
  • Find out if you are eligible for any provincial nominee program

Stage 2: Educational Credential Assessment

  • Gather all your sealed transcripts (from Universities you have studied)
  • Apply for Educational Credential Assessment from the designated organization with a fee of CAD 250-500
  • Determine whether your qualification meets Canadian standards

Stage 3: Expression of Interest Creation

  • Create an online application (profile) on Express Entry portal
  • Fill out all the details asked about yourself accurately
  • Let your application rest in the pool until you reach the required CRS score for selection

Stage 4: Invitation to Apply

  • Receive your Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR during Draw (if you meet CRS requirement)
  • Go for medicals, obtain PCC and get ready with your final PR visa application
  • Make the required fee payment within 60 days and submit your application (PR visa)

Stage 5: Passport Stamping

  • Wait till you receive your confirmation notification from Embassy
  • Visit the nearest Embassy (Canadian) for passport stamping after visa approval
  • Get ready to migrate to Canada within the entry date mentioned on your visa

To understand the timelines of each process and the documents you may be required to submit during the visa process, consult our Canada immigration consult in Hyderabad.